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Suzaku was the only one in the Black Halls common room, which wasn't surprising since he was supposed to be in class. But it was Japanese and Suzaku hated that class, the teacher made him sit with those who were learning basic Japanese and there was no point because it didn't matter how much he tried he couldn't learn it. His head just filled with fuzziness and he couldn't even think properly. Every time he saw or heard a word he would forget it and the constant memory loss made him feel sick.

So he didn't go, it was the only class he skipped and he was sat in the common room of his dorm building drinking a cup of tea. He was planning and going to train after this but for the moment he was enjoying the quiet.

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A pity then, that the quiet was not to last.

"You don't look busy." Where had Shōryū come from? Who knew. Presumably the stairs, but without his formal robes and clad in the school's uniform, he moved worryingly quietly. He looked down at Suzaku, one eyebrow raised and mouth curled into his customary smile. "Could I enlist your help upstairs, by any chance?"

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"I'm afraid I'm having trouble with one of the appliances," he explained, ever cheerful, as he led him towards the second-floor kitchenette. If he was honest, he was surprised the boy was being so obliging, but there were plenty of children here with military training. Plenty of children who were just incredibly helpful, too. It was hard to say which one this boy was just yet.

The corridor outside the kitchen smelled faintly of smoke and charred popcorn. Shōryū smiled without any particular embarassment, and pushed the door open. The windows were all wide open, to let the air clear, and his first batch of popcorn was a smoking wreck of paper and corn in the dustbin.

"Do you know how to use a microwave?"

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"It's a little difficult to introduce them to a country without electricity, unfortunately." Once he'd finished watching Suzaku set the microwave to properly cook the snack, he fished the ruined bag from the bin to examine the instructions again. "Ah, I see where I went wrong, now."


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