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Name: Suzaku Kururugi
Room: Building 3, Room 2-03 with Lelouch vi Britannia
Age: 18 19
Birthday: July 10th (canon)


He is wearing a school uniform (in the colours of red and white) and a ridiculous red beret.

He is wearing a bracelet with charms on it, each one is a memory, three of them are his own. These are:

- That Lelouch is Zero
- That he detonated FLEIJA on Toykyo
- How to put on a Yukata

He also has memories from other people which he picked up along the way. These are:

- The memory of Don Whitehouse's final speach to the guilds (and his subsequent death)
- The memory of Feferi's relationships with Eridan Ampora and Sollux Captor
- The memory of what an Eleven is (a memory of Nunnally's)
- CC's real name (a memory of Lelouch's)

He remembers these things only when he is wearing the charms.

A school backpack with a bunch of books and notepads on subjects from "Fashion" to "Poisons" and everything in between. He also has the exaclan handbook, which looks like it has been read often, as well as dropped in water, thrown about and generally abused.

9 rings with different symbols on them, they are all on his left hand, stacked on top of each other. All of these are upgrade and ability rings which I assume wouldn't work as the Rakuen technology doesn't exist outside the city. But I will list them anyways.
- Last Stand
- Protect
- Durability Boost
- Agility Boost
- Form Change
- Strength Boost
- Sacrificed Heart
- Flight
- Coup de Grace

A PDA Which I'm guessing wont be connected to anything. If it still has battery life then it has a basic word processor and a bit of memory in which documents can be saved.

Also in his rucksack is a tarnished broken choker necklace, a white glove with a silver sword embroidered on it, a red glove with a silver sword embroidered on it and a pouch with 26 raks (coins).

- Two stuffed cats called Cirno and Vanezio (a birthday present from Diarmuid)

- Arthur (Christmas regain), his Knight of Zero cloak (Christmas regain)


Rakuen CR


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Suzaku Kururugi

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