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OOC Information
Player Name: Katy
Player Age: 24
Player Contact: AIM: Jipaltara Plurk: damua
Player/Character HMD: here
Other characters in game: None

IC Information
Character Name: Suzaku Kururugi
Character Canon: AU Suzaku Kururugi
Character Age/Gender: 18, Male
Canon Point: As Knight of Zero, during the time where they are trying to take down F.L.E.I.J.A
Character Canon History: Canon history

Character Personality: Simply put, Suzaku is a hero with a martyr complex, who was born into the wrong genre of anime by accident. Suzaku is content when sacrificing himself for others, be that physically in battle or emotionally putting their needs and rights over his. He is a serial atoner and has been ever since murdering his father at the age of ten. As a result of this incident he decided that the end never justifies the means.

This philosophy pretty much defines Suzaku’s life, at the beginning of the series he refuses to kill civilians; the first time we see this is him refusing to kill Lelouch and being shot as a result. He will go as far as to disobey orders in order to save civilians even when he knows he will be punished. He does however have no problems with being ordered to lay his life down and will obey calmly.

Of course, living in the world that he does, this strong moral standpoint slips every time it comes into conflict with his others loyalties: his loyalty to Japan and its people; his loyalty to the Britannian Army who he swore to serve; or to those who he cares about and wishes to protect. Because of the things he has done in the past, he firmly believes that he deserves to die and, though he never goes as far as explicitly attempting suicide, he has no qualms about putting himself in danger, fighting on past what is sane and reasonable, in the hope of achieving death. This deathwish forced Lelouch to cast a Geass on him: the order to “live on”, which has many horrific and far-reaching consequences, ironically making Suzaku hate himself even more.

For the most part Suzaku finds himself loyal to causes more than people, and will serve anyone who he believes will allow him to do what is right. This does mean he has a tendency for betraying those around him once they no longer fulfil these criteria; indeed he betrayed his own people, by joining the army of the nation who had invaded and colonised them. He then later betrays Lelouch to the Emperor after Euphemia’s death and so becomes a Knight of the Round, he also betrays Nunnally by using her as bait, and then Lelouch for a second time, albeit inadvertently. He then betrays the Emperor to join with Schneizel as part of a deal to become Knight of One, and finally betrays Schneizel to join with Lelouch for the sake of Zero Requiem.

After he fires F. L. E. I. J. A on Tokyo he goes through a shift of personality. He realises that his way of living, being a soldier and yet hating violence is not feasible and starts to lose his ideals of the means never justifying the end. He believes he has crossed a line and nothing he can do will make it better and so during Zero Requiem he does horrific things in the name of his final goal of saving the world.

Outside of battle situations Suzaku is polite and reserved but cautiously friendly. He drifts through levels of formality depending on who he is with and how well he knows them. When he started Lelouch’s school he waited for the other students to approach him first and to accept him before he became relaxed around to them (which was probably smart as he met horrid prejudice and bullying due to being Japanese in a Britannian school) once the other students accepted him he became friendly and came to care for them a lot.

AU Information: This is a game transplant AU so everything that happened in canon up to the point where Suzaku tried to take down FLEIJA with Lelouch happened, and then he woke up on a train.

A train that was heading to a mysterious city called Rakuen, where he was to attend school and fight battles. I have written a detailed history here and will speak more about how these 19 weeks have effected his personality here.

The most important differences between him and canon Suzaku are that he is missing a few important memories, originally ten but three of them have been returned to him (in the way of charms)

The ones he is still missing are:

All knowledge of how to drive a Knightmare Frame
Euphemia's face (he can remember everything else about her and recognise her by voice, just cannot remember what her face looks like)
How to speak Japanese
That he is under a Live on Geass
Names of those on the student council of Ashford (excluding Nunnally and Lelouch)
What cat fur feels like
The moment of Euphemia's death

He also had forgotten how to put on a Yukata, That he fired F.L.E.I.J.A and that Lelouch was Zero.

The latter was a very important part of his development in Rakuen, as Lelouch had also been brought and had forgotten that he and Suzaku were ever enemies. They continued a friendship stronger and less damaging than the one they had in canon. However this made the betrayal when they both remembered even greater, especially as by that time they were linked and unable to avoid each other. However they were able to fit back into a relationship that was sort of like that of the end of canon, except even less friendly, a bit more desperate and focussed.

Another key difference to do with memories is that though Suzaku has now remembered firing FLEIJA he has forgotten that he has a live on Geass cast on him. Therefore as far as he can work out firing FLEIJA was a choice he made. He knows that this makes him a monster and as such has an even lower opinion of himself.

One of the things Suzaku thought about and explored during his time in Rakuen was the idea of Nations and his part in bringing down Britannia. It turns out that taking down a country is a lot harder when the country is a living breathing person who flops on you. Even if Suzaku had expected a Britannia who was a person he would have expected them to be mean, to hate him, or to think him less than human. But Britannia was nice even if her morals left a lot to be desired, she considered him one of her own even if he was just an honorary Britannian. He also met an Area 11 (who also didn't hate him even if he didn't trust him) and a Japan from a world where Japan was free.

Before the end he was able to see Britannia as she was after the war, a confused scared person who wasn't sure of her place in the world but was hoping to find it. It saddened him that he had brought her to that, even if he knew it was for the best.

His friendships with Vane and Cirno were also important as they were people not of his world; who he made friends with of his own accord. His decision to link with Vane was not made lightly and he feels guilt for not being able to protect him. He also feels responsible for Cirno and because she was there at the end she stopped him from falling into despair.

Suzaku became more confident in his time in Rakuen city, just being in a world where the majority of people weren't from his own world helped with his self confidence a lot. He was just another student and not an 'eleven' or 'that honoury Britannian', he wasn't 'the massacre princess' knight' or the 'white demon'. Though his status as a knight continued to be important to him, and he never forgot about his world or his job there he was able to build up an image that was untainted.

He picked up a smattering of skills which he did not have before, including flower pressing, poisons, American politics and cheer-leading. The classes were odd but he did his best and actually enjoyed himself when he wasn't in the middle of insane schemes with Lelouch.

He also started to deal with feelings again, almost crying when Lelouch disappeared. And again when they failed. Never fully though. He also knows that though for some reason he hasn't experienced it yet Zero Requiem is complete, as he was the only cast member to not be given memories of it.

Though he was built up quite a lot the ending did do a lot to break him. Despite all his efforts he saw everyone disappear and the city crumble, he couldn't stop it and he and Cirno were left alone at what was essentially the end of the world. This means that on pull point he will feel guilty, and like he has failed. Though this will be mixed with the feeling of everything being alright, and the fact that they helped make things better for next time; feelings given to him by the grey room.

Character Abilities: He is under a Geass of "Live," this activates whenever he is in danger, or about to give up and die making his body do everything in its power to continue living.

Outide of that though Suzaku has no super powers or magic. He is however pretty good at combat. With rediculous hand eye coordination and reaction times he is able to do things like disarm a pendalum gun and destroy an automatic firing machine gun without being hurt. He also is trained in martial arts and Knightmare frame piloting.

Character Inventory: He is wearing a school uniform (in the colours of red and white) and a ridiculous red beret.

He is wearing a bracelet with charms on it, each one is a memory, three of them are his own. These are:

- That Lelouch is Zero
- That he detonated FLEIJA on Toykyo
- How to put on a Yukata

He also has memories from other people which he picked up along the way. These are:

- The memory of Don Whitehouse's final speach to the guilds (and his subsequent death)
- The memory of Feferi's relationships with Eridan Ampora and Sollux Captor
- The memory of what an Eleven is (a memory of Nunnally's)
- CC's real name (a memory of Lelouch's)

He remembers these things only when he is wearing the charms.

A school backpack with a bunch of books and notepads on subjects from "Fashion" to "Poisons" and everything in between. He also has the exaclan handbook, which looks like it has been read often, as well as dropped in water, thrown about and generally abused.

9 rings with different symbols on them, they are all on his left hand, stacked on top of each other. All of these are upgrade and ability rings which I assume wouldn't work as the Rakuen technology doesn't exist outside the city. But I will list them anyways.
- Last Stand
- Protect
- Durability Boost
- Agility Boost
- Form Change
- Strength Boost
- Sacrificed Heart
- Flight
- Coup de Grace

A PDA Which I'm guessing wont be connected to anything. If it still has battery life then it has a basic word processor and a bit of memory in which documents can be saved.

Also in his rucksack is a tarnished broken choker necklace, a white glove with a silver sword embroidered on it, a red glove with a silver sword embroidered on it and a pouch with 26 raks (coins).

Samples: Interactive thread: here If that is not enough I have more!

Introspective: One moment he had been walking with Cirno, opening every door they could, looking for something, anything, that could save them and the next he was floating in a grey room. The world was fuzzy but he had enough awareness to know what had happened, they had failed.

He hoped Cirno had gone too, a strange hope but he would not wish on her the fate of being the last one, all alone in that city. He was alone here but it was different, it was comforting, everything was fine.

The blank memory charm he had been given felt warm against his skin, as if reminding him of what he had to do.

What to tell, what to share. How to open the towers, how to fight the system. Other people will have shared that, but it bares repeating maybe. This was their chance, they might have failed but the next group could succeed.

He concentrated, sending thoughts into the charm. He didn't know how he knew what to do, he just did. What he sent though was Lelouch's speech, about how they would never be silenced, and never be stopped. Cirno's announcement that they were not stupid, that they could win. Hands on towers and stars shining in the sky. Kevin stood defending Golbez, Jake's punishment on behalf of Dirk and Jane. The Hitachiin twins dancing around him grinning.

Feferi pulling his Weapon, a star bursting between them, him and Vane linking, Britannia thanking him.

Because that seemed to be the important thing. It wasn't a battle one person could fight alone, and despite the systems attempts to drive them apart the game couldn't be won unless you worked together.

Out of everything he thought that was the most important piece of knowledge he could give, and something it had taken him a while to truly understand.

The grey world faded and he was on a hillside, surrounded with people. His memory seemed distant and inaccessible but he thought he knew them. He looked out onto the city and he knew that, tears pricked at his eyes as it began to glow. This was the end and it was up to the next group now, to do better then they had. The light penetrated into his mind and he was torn between sorrow and peace.


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