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Name: Suzaku Kururugi
School: Conquest
Wiki: Here


Key: - Suzaku has had significant CR with this character or otherwise has a reason to remember them.
- This CR was positive
- Suzaku wants to protect this character
- Very close CR, Suzaku will do anything for them
- Negative CR

A Song of Ice and Fire

Daenerys Targaryen: She fought Lemina in round 5, Lemina was fighting with Nunnally, Lamina won and transferred one of Daenerys Weapons back whilst keeping the other. She lost to Sellaluna in Round 9.

Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice: He arrived in round 15, Suzaku met him at the platform. Suzaku was sulking and told him he couldn't go home, even though they all wanted to. He explained about the towers and Apollo offered to help, Suzaku said that would be good as those that knew what they were doing had disappeared. He was Cirno's Weapon in round 18.

Dahlia Hawthorne: He fought her at the beginning of round 2, but she forfeited straight away as the fight was only for Suzaku to win Lelouch. Suzaku gave her cookies on Red Day. She was Sadaharu Inui's Weapon when he and Suzaku fought.

Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland

Cheshire Cat: Teacher of Logical Nonsense and Recrementitious Explication of Elementary Absurdity. This class makes no sense for obvious reasons. Suzaku sits through most of it confused. During the thunderstorm he got stuck up a tree, Suzaku climbed up to rescue him but once he picked him up he remembered what cat fur felt like, and forgot, and remembered, and fell out of the tree. Onto Flynn. He was Yuka's Weapon at camp. He spoke to Suzaku on the network and asked if upgrades were edible, a confusing conversation ensued but Suzaku bought him an upgrade anyways, after tripping up over him. Cheshire asked why he shaved off his fur and why there were tufts of it on his head. He insisted on sitting on Suzaku in round 17's assembly, causing Suzaku to continuously reset.

Axis Powers: Hetalia/Nyotolia

America (OU): Don't worry about it dude, the hero will take care of it. Suzaku vowed to him in round two in order to allow him decent food. He is loud and brash, Suzaku doesn't quite get him. They met someone who looked identical to him and then they fought, Suzaku lost America to England. On Red Day Suzaku gave America some cookies and recieved a hamburger and some sweets. America teaches government, a class that Suzaku hates because America assumes that everyone is from his world. Suzaku spends all the class confused. They fought in Round 7 and Suzaku lost. In Round 9 he was won by Stellaluna off Duzell in the final.

He was Suzaku's Weapon in Round 12 and was lost to Cirno. When the translators went down he made a post on the network, Suzaku spoke to him, luckily they understood each other. After camp he was bored and Suzaku spoke to him; though he was in an awful mood after Lelouch's disappearance. America wanted to go to the movies and insisted they would have American films even though Suzaku said it was unlikely.

When Suzaku offered to buy people upgrades America asked if he had a player who would do the buying, and that it was good of them to do so. He didn't need any upgrades though. In Round 19 he claimed he would save them all. He failed.

America (AU): Was England's weapon during his fight against Suzaku in Round Two.

Area 11 (AU!Japan): They met on the train, though Suzaku had difficulties believing that he and Britannia were who they claimed to be. Suzaku is wary of him, because of the things Suzaku has done.

Arthur Kirkland (AU): He is the Crime Solving teacher and he made a network post about his class, Suzaku told him he didn't think classes were optional. He was Lemina's weapon in round 5.

England: Suzaku fought him during round 2 and lost. Suzaku gave him cookies on Red Day. He was Spain's weapon when Spain and Suzaku fought.

England (AU): She taught summoning, and called Suzaku out in class to be her apprentice. Headaches and confusion abounded but finally they summoned a tiny little creature... which was apparently a monster. He came to actually enjoy this class even if the idea of magic existing was weird.

Estonia: They fought in Round Two. Suzaku gave her cookies on Red Day.

France: He teaches Existentialism and the Anxiety of Immortality versus the Anxiety of Mortality, Suzaku hates this class so much. Yet he gets a headache whenever he tries to work out why exactly.

Japan: Another country, this time a girl who claimed to be Japan. Her world had no such place as the Holy Empire of Britannia, Suzaku was glad that somewhere there was a Japan that was free.

Lithuania: A eight year old kid who is Suzaku's roomate. He was Estonia's weapon during their fight in Round Two. Suzaku gave him cookies on Red Day and received some sweets off Lithuania.

Spain: Suzaku ended up strangling him on the train by accident. They spoke a bit of where they came from and where Rakuen City could be. During Round Four they fought. Spain seemed to be different. Spain won. They fought again in the same round and Suzaku won Cornelia off him.

Best Served Cold

Day (AU): Conquest Headmistress, Suzaku does not like her at all. Even less so after Flynn's punishment at the beginning of Round Five. And her subsequent punishing of losers. And everything else.

Black Blood Brothers

Kotoro Mochizuki: Tiny child who Golbez won off Samuel in round 10.

Category: Freaks!

Nanami Asagi: Part of a three way fight between him, Suzaku and Yuri at camp, he won. In Round 16 he asked for three upgrades when Suzaku offered. They met at the shop, he also wanted a long black wig so Suzaku bought that as well. He told Suzaku he was very efficient and if he worked for him he might have considered giving him a raise. He then kissed him, mainly on the cheek, leaving Suzaku very confused. He was one of the final Players left at the end.

Code Geass

Anya Alstreim: She arrived in Round 6 when Suzaku was in a coma, Gino brought her to visit when Suzaku woke up. She was in Fortitude so they spoke about ways they could make sure she could come and visit them. They met as often as they could, and had a sweet conversation about spring and flowers. No really it was awkward until Gino came and rescued them She lost to Stellaluna in Round 9.

Cornelia li Britannia: Suzaku was not pleased to learn she was here, and less pleased to know she was a teacher. She called Suzaku out in class and questioned him about how long he had been here. Lelouch told Suzaku to be her Player during Round 4. He lost her to Golbez, later he won her from Spain and then lost her to Dave. One of her lost memories was that soap wasn't food and she made a PDA post to ask why there was food in the showers. Gino Weinberg: As heavy and annoying as usual. But seems to be a traitor, on Zero's side. Also claiming he is the Knight of One and serves 'Her Majesty'. He was showing off with his weapon in Round Change. He teaches Fashion and is apparantly 19... older than Suzaku now. Suzaku is confused and doesn't wish to be in Fashion class. At all. They fought during Round Two and Gino won.

During Round Three assembly when they were punished for losing Gino helped Suzaku. Suzaku apologised for his behaviour and Gino accepted it. Suzaku gave him cookies on Red Day. During round 4 he fell into a coma and woke up at the beginning of round 5.

After Lelouch put Suzaku in a coma Gino brought Anya who had just arrived to visit him, Suzaku had woken up and they were disappointed that they couldn't draw on him. He asked how Suzaku's jewelry collection was coming on and they helped explain things to Anya. He helped open the first tower.

He continued his routine of draping on Suzaku when it wouldn't invoke penalties and helping Suzaku and Anya have conversations. In Round 9 he was Nunnally's Weapon, won by Dirk, won by Anya and then Anya's weapon until he was won by Stellaluna.

Holy Empire of Britannia: I meant you Suzaku Kururugi, I lost you to the world. They first met on the train when Zero was there. She seemed as confused as he was about Zero, and Gino and the fact they were on a train. She later came and found Suzaku in the city. She is like a female version of Gino and dragged him to go get food. She suggested Suzaku asked Japan to re-teach him Japanese. They discussed Raganork junction and all that had happened.

At the beginning of Round 2... Suzaku met Britannia by the lakeside and asked her to protect Lelouch. He was confused because - it was Britannia and yet she seemed willing to help him and protect Lelouch despite knowing he was trying to destroy her. She explained a little about Nations and how they are linked to the Will of the People. She was Lelouch's Weapon in Round Three when Suzaku was won from Feferi. Suzaku gave her cookies on Red Day.

When Suzaku remembered FLEIJA she found him and told him off for not looking after himself. He realised that she came from too far in his past to know what FLEIJA was. She was the one who told him Lelouch was in a coma. In Round 6 she was Lelouch's player and they went into the dungeon together. She adopted a kitten, since Suzaku tried to and his lost memories got in the way of holding it.

After Suzaku woke up from his coma she came to find him and asked why he was brooding. He told her that he had remembered that he and lelouch weren't friends and she was surprised that he had ever thought that. He told her that he guessed his brain had filled in the gaps left by the memory and assumed their childhood friendship had continued. She was surprised that they had been friends ever and asked if he was sure that Lelouch wasn't just using him. He told her that he had had nothing to gain and she said that the son of the prime minister could have ensured his life.

Suzaku then doubted everything forever.

In Round 9 she experienced a lot of memories when she slept and was injured from FLEIJA, it was very strange and worrying. It didn't seem to have been caused by a memory charm. She was very shaken from the memories of FLEIJA. It happened again during round 17, she remembered Lelouch's death and Nunnally taking rule. She was very confused and sad, she told him she had lost her strongest knight and she wanted to thank him. All in all a heartbreaking conversation.

Lelouch vi Britannia: They met in the city. Suzaku was glad to see him though he seemed to have forgotten a few details. He also claimed to have seen Suzaku on the train, Suzaku felt bad for ignoring him. Nunnally turned up and seemed to be causing Lelouch pain.

They didn't see each other during round One due to being in different schools but on the rest day Lelouch turned up to Conquest. He had been attacked and killed by his roommate. Suzaku was, obviously, worried, confused and angry. They planned to go and talk to Dolorosa. However Nanami turned up...

After being creepy for a while her and Suzaku got into an argument about the worth of human life. She killed Lelouch to prove a point. The next day they met up with her, Lelouch agreed to kill her in exchange for information. Suzaku learned Lelouch could no longer use his Geass. Lelouch became his Weapon for round 2. He regained the memory of Shirley's death and told Suzaku the truth- that it wasn't suicide but murder, by Rolo. They discussed what could be meant by the demons and the stars.

After Suzaku failed at winning Nunnally from Gino they spoke, Suzaku learned just how far in his past Lelouch came from. They fought Estonia and Lelouch hit outbreak. He later became a Prefect. On Monday morning of Round Three Zero tried to blow up Fortitude's tower, Suzaku was close enough to hear and went to check that Lelouch was alright. They discussed what Zero might be up to. Lelouch won Suzaku from Feferi and was not happy that Feferi had drawn a star from Suzaku, though they still don't know what the stars mean. They bought a Link charm and linked.

On Red Day they went on a picnic to the Island with Britannia and Gino and explored the tower, they couldn't work out how to get in though. On the Friday of Round 3 using the money the Dolorosa had given him Lelouch bought Suzaku a memory. It was FLEIJA... Suzaku freaked, realising what he had done. Nunnally fell into a coma during Round Four when Lelouch was Suzaku's Weapon. Lelouch remembered his mothers face when he got another memory charm. He got angry about the fact memories had been taken from them but Suzaku said they couldn't do anything until Nunnally came out of her coma. Lelouch answered Santana's challenge on Suzaku's behalf. Suzaku lost. During Round Five he fell into a coma. Suzaku couldn't visit because he was owned by a Conquest Player. When he woke up he contacted Suzaku over the network.

Round 6 was a dungeon round and Lelouch was a player. Their first day of dungeoning went aright, they adopted a kitten and fought a monster. Later that week though Lelouch got a memory back; the memory that he and Suzaku were enemies. He bought a real gun from the shop, dragged Suzaku into the ship and they fought. Suzaku knew he was angry about FLEIJA but lacked the knowledge to know what else, Lelouch threw a memory charm at him, and it happened to be the right one. Suzaku remembered Lelouch was Zero and they fought in earnest. Lelouch drew Suzaku's weapon and shot it, sending Suzaku into a coma.

When Suzaku woke up Lelouch found him and told him that despite everything he knew that in the future he had chosen him as a knight and would always entrust Rolo and Nunnaly's safety to him. Suzaku asked if he regretted it even if it was something from his future. He said he didn't and asked if Suzaku had told Dolorosa the truth, Suzaku admitted he had and told him he could have hurt someone.

Lelouch asked if he would remain at his side and help try and discover the nature of the towers, Suzaku agreed and Lelouch said he wanted him at his side because they had a goal in common not because of any oaths Suzaku had sworn to alternative versions of him.

In Round 7 Lelouch was Suzaku's Weapon and they helped open the first tower. They fought together against the Wyrm. Later they explored the inside of the now open tower. In Round 8 Nunnally was punished and Lelouch broke the rules to go to Conquest Capus, Suzaku talked Santana into letting them all leave. They were Nunnally's Weapons in Round 9 until they were lost to Stellaluna.

Even though they played perfect not!emperor and his not!knight on the surface there were still issues and they discussed them over tea because they decided to be mature for once. Suzaku told him about what Britannia told him, Lelouch assured him that their friendship, as broken as it was, was real. And the memories of the shrine, were real. They continued on a bit less angsty than before, Lelouch dragged Suzaku to watch awful movies from Dirk's world.

In Round 10 they were Gobez's weapons and helped open tower two. However in the middle of the battle with the phoenix Lelouch decided it would be a great time to fall into a coma, Suzaku went to rescue him from a fireball and died.

When Lelouch woke up he, like Britannia before had experienced more time. He was injured from where Suzaku had stabbed him; something that hadn't happened for Suzaku yet. They had succeeded the world had been saved and Suzaku had no idea how that had happened when they were here. But it was over. Lelouch told him he was turning his efforts to bring down this system of oppression and Suzaku agreed to help him again.

In Round 12 they were both Players and fought together. Suzaku won. During the thunderstorm he sent Suzaku a message telling him he might end up with a punishment before the night was done, aka he was planning something.

On the rest day between rounds 12 and 13 they implemented their plan, running software on computers in both schools. Unfortunately for them it backfired a bit and broke the translators.

During the next assembly they were both punished for each others actions. Lelouch made a speech about how no matter what they did to them they would send everyone, and all those weapons from the towers back home free. After their punishment they spoke quickly before being taken off to their separate schools. They fought against Yuka and won. Half way through the round however he slipped into a coma, and then the next round he disappeared. Nunnally vi Britannia: She met him and Lelouch in the city. Suzaku is wary of her, since she is working for Schneizel. She was Gino's Weapon during Round Two and Suzaku tried to win her off him but lost. During Round 4 she fell into a coma. She woke up on the rest day and Suzaku was there. He was much more warmer towards her, since he had remembered almost killing her. He stayed with her until she was well enough to meet Lelouch and learned that she was no longer the girl he remembered, she really had grown up. She was Lemina's Weapon in Round 5.

In Round 7 they were vowed and Suzaku used her weapon to fight the wyrm. In Round 8 she was punished as someone went below 0 Raks in Conquest. Suzaku found her and looked after her until Lelouch came, he then helped take her off campus so she and Lelouch could be together without being punished.

In Round 9 she was chosen as a Player for the tournament, Suzaku vowed him and Lelouch to her. She fought against Stellaluna and lost as Stellaluna had a pack ring which meant Flynn was fighting on her behalf.

During the Thunderstorm Nunnally and Suzaku talked, Suzaku got the message from Lelouch and Nunnally asked if there was anything they could do to stop him, Suzaku said he might listen to Nunnally. In round 13 she was his weapon, they fought Arthur and won. However at the end of that round she disappeared.

Zero: Is Zero, Suzaku woke up next to him on the train and tried to strangle him. He talked Gino into protecting him though. He put up posters inside the dormitories and then tried to blow up the tower at Fortitude. It was not until round 6 that Suzaku got the memory back to tell him that Zero was Lelouch.

D Gray Man

Kanda Yuu: Suzaku's Weapon in Round seven after Suzaku found him in the wyrm battle. He had no Player so they made a quick battlefield vow and Suzaku handed him his Weapon so they could fight, he later lost him to Dirk.

Road Kamelot: A girl who asked if anyone would fight her over the network. Suzaku agreed to but she disappeared before they could.

Dragon Age

Isabela: Teacher of Introduction to Rogue Training. Her lessons seemed to resolve around getting her students drunk. Suzaku was not impressed. They did not get on. She went into a coma and when she woke up Suzaku tried to be helpful. She ended up mocking him and they argued. She told him she disliked his type, heroes who judged others. He told her he was no hero and she called him a bleeding heart, and that the only person he was responsible for was himself, she got annoyed and told him she didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Later she went through a phase of posting inappropriate 'fanfic' about him on the network which he mostly tried to ignore. Final Fantasy IV

Golbez: The astronomy teacher. He broke the rules and they discussed how to beat the system in his class. Santana turned up and fined him, random people were punished until he got enough raks to take him out of negative numbers. He gave Suzaku an apple for Red Day. During round Four they fought and Golbez won. He was Flynn's Weapon during Round Five.

He was made a prefect and went about organising the opening of a second tower. Suzaku volunteered as he was a red Prefect. He was Daenerys' Weapon in Round 9 until he was won by Stellaluna. In Round 10 he was a Player and decided to initiate their plan, he vowed to Suzaku and Lelouch. They opened the second tower together.

They fought the fire bird, Lelouch collapsed so after Suzaku had resurrected he let Golbez draw his Weapon again and they fought with one hook shot each, Suzaku attempted to battle field teach Golbez how to use them.

Fire Emblem

Naesala: He arrived in round 14, and asked if they were expected to fight for free. He wasn't happy about having to share a room, Suzaku told him that if he were a Prefect he would likely end up in a room of his own. He asked how you were made a Prefect.

Nephenee: The gardening and farming teacher. They fought in round 2, Suzaku beat her. Suzaku gave her cookies on Red Day. She slipped into a coma and was there for a very long time, before finally disappearing in Round 16.

Rafiel: Suzaku won him from Nephenee during Round Two but transferred him back. He was Spain's weapon in Round Four when he and Suzaku fought.


Brittany Pierce: She was a strange girl that danced during the Staff Battle, and seemed to know the prefect Santana. She teaches Dance and Hairography, the strangest class ever.

Santana Lopez (AU): Conquest Head Prefect. Suzaku dislikes her. She wasn't happy when he linked with Lelouch. She gave him flowers for Red Day... Lelouch answered her challenge in Round Four. Suzaku fought her and lost. She gave Feferi back though. When Nunnally was punished she told Lelouch to get out, Suzaku talked her into letting them all go off campus so Lelouch and Nunnally could be together. She teaches Chearleading and told Suzaku off because though he was good at it he didn't seem to enjoy it. She tried to get a reaction out of him and asked him if he was good for anything but doing as he was told. Suzaku wondered if she had been speaking to Isabela. She beat him at camp.

When Suzaku made a network post offering to buy upgrades for those who needed them as he had over two hundred raks she mocked him, asking if he had no friends. He told her Flynn, Vane and Britannia were his friends, she told him Flynn was boring and Britannia was his country so they didn't count. He told her he could be friends with his country and she taunted him about her not actually being his country, and about him not having emotions, and all that fun stuff. He told her she abused her power. The 'Hero' Series

Dunleavy Mallorough (AU): The mayor. She seems kind and works at the shop sometimes, does assemblies sometimes. In round 13 she punished Suzaku and Lelouch for their attack. Homestuck

Dave Strider (AU): Mute 13 year old who keeps beating Suzaku in battles! Suzaku gave him some cookies on Red Day, Dave gave him an apple and a heart. They fought again in round 7 and Suzaku lost again. He came to watch over Jade when they opened the first tower.

Dirk Strider: Suzaku lost to him in round 7. In Round 9 he got some films from his world, they were awful, he did a movie showing. Lelouch dragged Suzaku along. He was Komachi's Weapon when they fought in Round 12. He helped Lelouch and Suzaku in their attack before Round 13, he spoke some language that was close enough to Britannian to be understood. He also spoke a small bit of Japanese which annoyed Suzaku, as he couldn't remember any. He wasn't caught as part of the act but his robot bunny Lil Seb was, Jake was punished for it, twice as Jane owned up to owning the bunny.

Dolorosa (AU): Fortitude Headmistress, she is much nicer than the other staff members. He spoke to her after Zero tried to blow up the tower. He told her he couldn't remember anything about Zero and she gave him raks for a memory charm. However he instead remembered FLEIJA...

After Lelouch gave him the memory charm that made him remember who Zero was and he had woken from his Coma he went to speak to her, she mostly guessed from the way he was acting and how torn he was that it was Lelouch.

Equius Zahhak: Daenerys' Weapon in round 9 until he was lost to Stellaluna.

Feferi Peixes A troll girl. She reminds Suzaku a little of Euphemia because of her wish to see the best in everyone. She seems a little naive (she thought Suzaku was a good person) but nice. Suzaku agreed to work with her and became her weapon. Her friend Sollux disappeared and Suzaku went to go and talk to her. She tried to give him Sollux's upgrade but he thought it best she kept it as she had been his friend.

At the start of the second round they spoke and he told her about Lelouch's death. It turned out Gamzee was one of her friends and she was upset about that. He became her Player so that they could continue working together. She taught him how to use her weapon. In Round Three he became her Weapon again, she was hit by the warning penalty because Golbez went into negative raks. Later that day she lost him to Lelouch. When she drew his weapon he outbreaked. Lelouch wasn't happy. Suzaku got her a box of chocolates for Red Day and she gave him a card and a memory charm. The memory was of how to wear a Yukata.

At the start of Round Four, when Suzaku was still coming to terms with the memory of firing FLEIJA Feferi was worried that she had made Lelouch angry and hurt his and Suzaku's friendship. Suzaku felt bad that he had deceived her, since she believed him to be a good person and working towards the same goals as her. After a heartbreaking conversation Feferi went to join with Sis Strider. Suzaku bought her the rest of her upgrades and left them on her bedside table anonymously. After Sis won the round Feferi came to join Suzaku since he had lost Lelouch. They beat Spain outbreaking Feferi in the process. She became a prefect. They fought Santana and lost but Feferi was given back.

She was Suzaku's Weapon again in round 7 and he lost her to America but later fought the Wyrm together. She disappeared at the beginning of Round 9.

Gamzee Makara: He killed Lelouch and then bragged about it over the network (sort of). Suzaku confronted him. He was creepy. He was Oichi's weapon when they fought in Round Two. Jack Noir (AU): A man who Suzaku vowed with in Round 12.

Jade Harley (AU): Suzaku lost Lelouch to her in Round Four. (13 year olds man...) She was Dave's weapon when he beat Suzaku in round 7. She was one of those that opened the first tower. She lost to Stellaluna in Round 9.

Jadesprite: A crying dog girl who Suzaku met on the platform of round 9. She didn't know her name and Suzaku tried to help her. She was called as a Player in round 9 which was the tournament, Suzaku tried to help explain things to her. During the thunderstorm she was crying again, she had fought the shadows in the towers and Suzaku told her not to go there again. She said she was trying to be brave and Suzaku was sure she was trying her best.

Jake English: Duzel's Weapon in the final of the tournament, won by Stellaluna. He helped open the second tower. He fought against Golbez and lost. He was Komachi's Weapon when they fought in Round 12. He was punished for Dirk and Jane's part of the rebellion.

Jane Crocker: A girl from Fortitude who brought Stellaluna over to Suzaku. She was very protective of the baby bat. Golbez won her from Jake in round 10. She owned up to owning Lil Seb and didn't want him destroyed, so Jake was punished instead.

Karkat Vantas (OU): He saw Suzaku whilst Suzaku was freaking out about FLEIJA and screamed at him. Nepeta Vantas (AU): A timid young troll like cat girl who arrived in Round 9, she was scared of getting off the train and seemed to not have seen the sky before. She asked questions about why they were there and for what purpose.

Rose Lalonde: His roommate, she was blind, they didn't speak much for a few days but one night when Suzaku came in late they spoke it turned into an impromptu geography lesson.

Sis Strider: She teaches sword class in Conquest. Suzaku spoke to her and she gave him permission to help those that wern't as good with Sword practice. She gave him a Good Work card for red day. When Suzaku remembered FLEIJA she found him by the lake and they spoke. They fought in Round Four and she won. She gave Lelouch back and later released Feferi so Feferi joined him.

Sollux Captor: Another of Feferi's weapons in the first round. He had no eyes. They didn't really talk but he seemed nice

Vriska Serkett: Feferi fought her in the first round using Suzaku's weapon. Vriska won and Suzaku became her weapon. In round 2 she was Dave's weapon when he beat Suzaku. In Round Four she was Jade's Weapon when she beat Suzaku and in round 5 she was Daenerys' Weapon and was transferred back to her after Lemina beat her.


Nanami Yasuri (AU): The Head prefect of Fortitude, she killed Lelouch to prove a point to Suzaku in an argument. Lelouch and her later met up with Suzaku acting as a chaperone guard. She asked Lelouch to kill her, eventually, by beating the game. In return she gave some information, she told them they would win by ascending. She found Suzaku, Lelouch and Dirk after their attack before round 13, she spoke Japanese, which Suzaku had forgotten.

Kingdom Hearts

Aqua: Magic for Mages teacher.


Lemina Ausa: A girl who had managed to drown in the lake. Suzaku told her what the undead ring meant. She then became Suzaku's Player in round 5 and took on Nunnally as well. She ended up winning the round. In Round 8 she fought Cirno and lost.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Itsuki Koizumi: Suzaku's roommate who arrives for Round Six.

Merlin (BBC)

Arthur Pendragon: A new person Suzaku met at the station, he was commanding and demanding to know where he was. Suzaku explained to him as much as he knew, and told him he was from Britannia, Arthur had obviously never heard of it and told him he was Arthur of Camelot. He was punished for not fighting in Round 11. In Round 12 they fought and Suzaku lost.

He teaches Knight Training and it's a class Suzaku is actually good at. They discussed the difference of knighthood in their worlds. During the Thunderstorm Arthur tried to leave to look for Merlin, Suzaku refused to let him even when Arthur tried to pull rank. Telling him that beng a king didn't mean anything there. They fought in Round 13 and Suzaku won, but transferred Hikaru back. They fought at camp and Suzaku lost. He was Arthur's weapon during round 16. They fought Merlin and won. He also bought the upgrades and memories for everyone with Suzaku's money as Suzaku couldn't use the shop. He was there when Vane and Suzaku linked, and became Vane's Player. They fought the Black Tortoise of the north together.

Merlin: Arthur's link, they fought during round 16 whilst Suzaku was Arthur's Weapon. Arthur won. He was one of the final Players left at the end.

No. 6

Shion: Asagi's Weapon at camp.

Original Characters

Alex Furest: Sora's Weapon in Round 12 when they fought. He answered Suzaku's network post and offered to help with the towers but was already a prefect. He offered to come and fight the monster and worried that they would have to fight the shadows in the towers. Suzaku offered to look out for him and lend him a weapon to fight with. Alex's weapon had data master and they discussed how people found such information all at once difficult. Alex seemed to struggle to understand people, though not as much as Lloyd did. Suzaku assured him that it was not just him.

Ashnari: Suzaku met him at the beginning of Round Four and became his Player. He seemed very uneasy about the system of Weapons and Players but agreed to be Suzaku's Weapon and to fight for him. Suzaku lost him to Spain.

Rebecca Harcourt: A girl he met in the city. She had no idea where Britannia was and seemed a little stupid. She kept asking if he was from England and she confused him. So Suzaku walked away. He later won her from Yuri in round Two and came to know her a bit better. Her weapon is a pencil. He lost her to Oichi. He gave her cookies on Red Day. In Round 9 she was Duzell's Weapon and was won by Stellaluna in the final.

She asked if it were possible to link to two people over the network and Suzaku told her that in the rules it said only one, and to be careful if she tried as the price wouldn't be paid by her. She helped open the third tower in round 16.

Samuel Henderson: The school nurse. He was Golbez' Weapon when Golbez and Suzaku fought. In Round 10 he fought Golbez and lost. At the begnning of Round 13 he helped Suzaku when Hikaru attacked him, he helped talk the kid into calmness.

Vanezio Lykastis: I just meant I know the feeling, to be acknowledged as human yet treated as dirt The flower pressing teacher. He was Suzaku's Weapon on the camping trip of round fourteen where they met. He was polite and seemed worried about slowing Suzaku down, though Suzaku assured him he wouldn't. Whilst pitching tents they spoke properly, exchanging information about their worlds. Vane came from a world where most the world was destroyed and people lived in domes. He was an engineer. Most of their districts didn't have names, but numbers as it was easier and less depressing. Suzaku explained some things about his world as well.

Vane said he understood. He asked if Suzaku regretted joining Britannia.

The first day was hiking, Vane had some medicine in a futuristic syringe which he had forgotten how to use but needed to take. Suzaku worked out how to use it and administered the medicine, he continued to do that even after the camp.

On Wednesday they went climbing, all was going relatively well, with Vane telling him that in his world they used virtual reality systems for their entertainment. He also said that he had thought he was stuck in the VR at first when he had arrived and Suzaku asked if he would know if he had been. However, then back in the city Lelouch disappeared out of existence and Suzaku's link necklace fell off. Suzaku let go of the wall and fell onto Vane, causing him fatal (but slow) injuries. Since Vane had the painkillers he didn't even know he was hurt.

They tried to contact the city but their PDA's had no signal at all. Suzaku felt guilty for hurting him, and for not being there to save Lelouch. Vane asked if he wanted to go and look for the link necklace, and Suzaku thought he did, to remember. Vane, wiped the forming tears from his eyes and told him he should cry, and not let sorrow fester.

Suzaku didn't quite cry though and got a semi lecture. Vane tried to stand and couldn't, Suzaku concentrated on helping him, but he died, and reappeared at camp. Suzaku felt very guilty forever.

During Round 16 he asked if Suzaku's player could buy upgrades for him, even though he had enough money for them. Suzaku said that Arthur would vow with him and Vane asked if he knew someone who would link with him. After some thought Suzaku agreed to. They met half an hour later and linked, after making sure the other was definitely alright with it. Vane found it anti-climatic but it was done. They fought the tortoise together. During Round 17 they decided to vow to Cirno in order to help her. In the final assembly they worried that the staff looked so scared. On the Wednesday of the final week he disappeared...

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Hikaru Hitachiin: He attacked Suzaku on the platform when he arrived, demanding to know where his brother was. Sam stopped him and he finally calmed down when he realised neither of them had anything to do with his missing brother. Suzaku offered to give him his bottle so that he could send a message to him. He had forgotten his name. He was Arthur's Weapon when they lost to Suzaku in Round 13. He was Yosuke's Weapon at camp. He wanted to be Suzaku's Weapon in round 14 but Suzaku wasn't a Player. He then asked how to set up a club and he and his brother tried to recruit him into their hoast club. Suzaku bought him and his brother a memory each, and yet still refused to join. He and Kaoru became Suzaku's Weapon during the final round. He disappeared with the rest of the non prefect weapons.

Kaoru Hitachiin: Hikaru's twin brother. Suzaku met him at the platform. He and Hikaru tried to enlist Suzaku in their hoast club. Suzaku bought them both a memory in round 16. He vowed to him in the final round. He disappeared with the rest of the non prefect weapons.

Outaw Star

Aisha Clanclan: Gino's Player in round one. Suzaku only knows her by sight not by name. She spoke to him at the start of Round 2. She cheered him up somewhat in her own strange way. They spoke about how the system was the way it was. During round 4 she fell into a coma and woke up at the beginning of round 5. He saw her and told her about Flynn's punishment.

Persona 3

Minako Arisato: A girl who Suzaku met at the beginning or round 7. She was new and a Weapon. He lost her to Dave Strider.

Persona 4

Yosuke Hanamura: A boy who arrived before Round 14, Suzaku explaned things to him and showed him where to go. He was very calm about it all. Suzaku lost to him at camp.


Reimi Hanamori: Flynn won her in Round Five.

Prince of Tennis

Kevin Smith: Suzaku's roomate, a small kid. When Zero put up his posters Kevin thought that he was some kind of superhero. Suzaku set him right and he wanted to know whether the cape got stuck in doors. He stood up to Santana during Astronomy and Suzaku stood with him. Suzaku gave him cookies on Red Day. During Round Five he became a prefect and moved out of their dorm and was Lemina's Weapon. He was one of these who opened the first tower. He was Duzel's Weapon in round 9 and won by Stellaluna in the final.

Sadaharu Inui: They fought during Round Four. It was a strange fight Inui seemed to be mostly running away, and yet did not seem to be afraid. Suzaku won.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura Akemi: Suzaku vowed to her during Round Two. She wanted money and he didn't want anyone left at the whims of the Prefects. He fought with her against Yuri and then against Dave. He lost her against Dave. He gave her cookies on Red Day.


Recette Lemongrass (AU): Shopkeeper. She is very polite and friendly.

Tear: A tiny fairy who teaches Economics and Money Management. It is not the worst class.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Juri Arisugawa: Suzaku's Weapon in Round 12 after he won her from Lelouch, he lost her to Arthur. She was Yuri's Weapon at camp.

Nanami Kiryuu: An angry girl who arrived at the beginning of Round 13, she came from a school similar to those in Rakuen though she was fighting to marry a princess, it did not seem to be the same one as Sora. She tried to make him carry her bag but he didn't. He took her to her dorm.

Utena Tenjou: She seemed to know the game and wrote a warning on the network about the dangers of it.

Riveria: The Promised Land

Ein: Arthur's Weapon when they beat Suzaku in Round 12. He was in White Dorm and during the thunderstorm told Suzaku that he didn't know where his roommates were. Suzaku bought him two upgrades in round 16. At the end, when there were only Players left they desperately tried to find a way to stop things, not wanting to give up even though it seemed helpless.

The Sacred Blacksmith

Aria: A young girl who arrived before Round 13, she wished that her friend were there with her. And worried that they had to fight to the death, Suzaku explained that they didn't die, they just came back. She asked what he recommended her first course of action was and he told her to read the rule book and explore.

Sengoku Basara

Oichi: Creepy lady who Suzaku fought in Round Two. Suzaku gave her cookies on Red Day.

Sherlock (BBC)

Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction teacher. Well... he is supposed to be. He hasn't turned up to teach yet... He was Lemina's Weapon in Round 5 after she won him from Daenerys with Nunnally.


Adam: Jade Harley's Weapon in Round 9 until he was lost to Stellaluna.

Sora Himoto: Enthusiastic girl, she helped open the second tower. They fought in Round 12, Suzaku won but gave her Weapon back. She came from a school with a similar system to that of Rakuen.

Sora Himoto (AU): Equally enthusiastic girl. She asked if upgrades were all you needed to become a prefect. She was one of the final Players left at the end.

Yuki Yagizawa: A girl who he met during Round 6, she was worried about her friends going into the dungeon because she believed they were reckless. She didn't believe in fighting and thought that there were no situations were harming people was acceptable. She was from another world Japan. She was Lemina's Weapon in round 8 when they lost to Cirno.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog: He was Dave's weapon when Dave beat Suzaku in round 4.

Star Driver

Kanako Watanabe: Flynn won her in Round Five.


Stellaluna: A tiny baby bat assigned to Conquest. She was asleep on Jane who brought her over to Suzaku at the platform. She was a player in round 9 and fought Nunnally and won, Suzaku and Lelouch became her Weapons. She went on to win the round thanks to her ever growing harem of knights and protective figures. She won a small version of the yellow wyrm and made friends with it.

Sword of the Stranger

Kotorou: Small kid from Fortitude, Feferi fought him and won. In Round Three he was Lelouch's weapon when Suzaku was won from Feferi.

Tales of Vesperia

Don Whitehorse: His roommate, Suzaku vowed to him in round 2. He dislikes knights. On Red Day Suzaku gave him some cookies but Don gave them back saying he did not care for sweets. When he disappeared Suzaku picked up his memory and upgrade.

Flynn Scifo: He was Suzaku's roommate for all of a day before he became a Prefect. He is also the cookery teacher sob, at least his own disasters make Suzaku feel better about his lack of cooking skills. During round 4 he fell into a coma and woke up at the beginning of round 5 just in time to be punished horrifically. Suzaku and Lelouch joined up with him becoming his Weapons for Round Five. In Round 9 Flynn was Stellaluna's Weapon. When Suzaku became a prefect Flynn helped him settle in. During the thunderstorm he caught Suzaku when he fell out of a tree trying to catch Cheshire. He runs a club for understanding Rakuen rules and Suzaku helps him. He had all the records of who had been in which dorm and helped Cirno and Suzaku plan the next tower opening. He was one of the prefects who opened the third tower.

Yuri Lowell: Feferi won him off Kotarou in Round One. In Round Two Suzaku fought him and won Becca from him winning the round. Suzaku gave him cookies on Red Day. He was Flynn's Weapon in round Five. In Round 9 he was Stellaluna's Weapon. Him, Suzaku and Nanami Asagi fought at camp, Asagi won overall. He told Suzaku that if he ran out of money buying things for everyone he and Flynn would chip in. He was one of the prefects who opened the third tower.

Touhou Project

Cirno: I'm happy to give up going home for them. Yeah, I'll miss everyone and the Danmaku battles and such but...If it means they are happy and at home? I'll give it up. A blue haired fairy girl from Conquest. They first met at the beginning of round 8. She made an impassioned speech against Day about how they would win and go home. Suzaku vowed himself and Lelouch to her without even consulting Lelouch because he admired her spirit. They fought Lemina and won. She was Daenerys' Weapon in Round 9 and then was won by Stellaluna. There was another rak penalty and this time Cirno was chosen to deliver it. She ran away afterwards and hid. Suzaku went to find her and tried to calm her down, telling her that sometimes you have to follow the rules even if it is painful.

In Round 12 they fought and Cirno won, she also won the round. In Round thirteen she was Yuka's Weapon when they lost to Suzaku but Suzaku gave her back. She was Arthur's Weapon at camp. During round 14 she was visiting her friend in the infirmary, who was in a coma. He went to check on her, she was upset but they spoke about the towers and trying to find a way out of the city. They decided to have a meeting the next rest day to discuss opening a third tower and finding out if they have enough prefects.

During the meeting they discussed the strange ghosts that were turning up, and hoped that they could open the next tower. Suzaku told her that he would try and encourage more people to become prefects. They also discussed what would happen if they didn't have enough people... if they were doomed. She opened the third tower in Round 16. Then Nephenee disappeared and she locked herself in her room. Suzaku took her lunch and tried to get her to open the door. She seemed to think they had failed since people still disappeared. He told her how to use the broach they had been given, and promised to go to the tower with her to fight the shadows so she could get one of her friends weapons. Suzaku vowed to her in Round 17. She hadn't gone to lessons in a long time though and she was punished, or rather Yuka was punished for her and Suzaku was forced to administer the punishment.

They didn't really talk after that though they did fight in round 18, it was an awkward fight though and Suzaku lost so that she wasn't punished. At the beginning of round 19 he found her going to one of the towers, he went to her and told her he would go in with her. He told her that he believed that she could fight the shadows, and that he'd meet her on the other side.

At the very end all Players who weren't prefects disappeared as well, leaving Cirno and Suzaku as the final ones. They sat at the lakeside, they wondered if they would die, or if they would be left, if they were to be a sacrifice. She said she wouldn't mind that, if everyone else got to be happy. Suzaku agreed. She wished there was a sign, since they didn't know what to do. They didn't want to just sit around and wait and so they went to explore Dunleavy's mansion until they too disappeared.

Komachi Onozuka: They fought in Round 12. Suzaku beat her but gave her weapons back. She asked him why she should be a prefect, Suzaku explained the duties and she agreed eventually, he promised he would buy her upgrades.

Sanae Kochiya: Cirno's Weapon when they beat Suzaku in Round 12.

Sakuya Izayoi (AU): He made a post on the network about the fact his friends knew a different version of him. Suzaku spoke to him and the discussed people coming from different worlds and times. Suzaku also told him about the fact the staff came from a previous session and therefore it was possible to win the game. They agreed those that fight should do so to prevent those that couldn't from having to.

Yuka Kazami [AU]: She stayed outside during the storm, Suzaku went to look for her and Cheshire. She said she liked the rain and he told her he had been told to keep all non prefects inside and sent her back to the dorms. She teaches Abnormal Botony and showed them a plant that could attack and fly. She asked what a translator was and Suzaku explained.

She was made Prefect quickly and at the beginning of Round 13, after his punishment Suzaku took her to her dorm room. She asked if he was linked to Lelouch and he told her he was. They agreed to fight that round even though it took some organisation to get them both off campus with no rights they did so. He won, but transfered Cirno back to her. He lost to her at camp. After camp they spoke and she seemed worried about him. At the tower meeting they spoke about the devices at the top of the towers and if they were connected to the fact the city required sacrifices. Her lesson in round 17 involved plants that suddenly without warning were on fire, the less said about that lesson the better. Later that round he was forced to punish her on behalf of Cirno who had not been attending lessons. She took her punishment well though Suzaku assumed she was mad with him afterwards.

She wasn't though and in the next round she asked to be his weapon, she wanted to show them that they could not pick her enemies, nor drive a wedge between her and others. He agreed. She joked that people would probably just think she were a masochist and he told her she was in good company When all the non prefect weapons disappeared they ate strawberries and sat in silence wondering how they had ran out of time.

Trumpet of the Swan

Louis: A swan who became Stellaluna's Weapon after she won him from Anya.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Kamui: Dirk's Weapon when they beat Suzaku in round 7. Became Stellaluna's Weapon in Round 9 after being won from Anya.

Vampire Game

Duzell: Lost to Stellaluna in the final of the tournament of Round 9.

Ishtar Ishizu: America's Weapon when he beat Suzaku in Round 7.

Yume Nikki

Madotsuki: A girl Suzaku met on the platform before round 13, she was quiet and polite and a lovely change from the usual people he ended up with.


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