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Hey Suzaku! It was Gino's voice, but darker, more threatening. Check it out, I finished the job for you! Gino's dead face stared up at Suzaku, his eyes empty and his throat slit. All around them the air was filled with screams and dark laughter.

Need to get rid of you A big smile and Suzaku went cold, there was a gun shot and Suzaku turned to see Kallen pointing a gun at him, the bullets hit, and yet his sword cut through Kallen killing her even as he died.

You betrayed Japan It was Lelouch's voice, his sword was coming towards Suzaku. Suzaku turned round and saw Nunnally's bloodstained body, Mei grinned at him her braids stained with blood as she stabbed Lelouch.

For a little while Suzaku helped Kallen to her feet, they stumbled across a blood filled room. Around them people screamed but they were getting quieter, Rolo fell in front of Suzaku. Cut down by Lelouch.

Assasain Suzaku swung his sword at Gino. Free us, free them Noise filled Suzaku's head. He swung his sword at Lelouch killing him, he exchanged a look with Sora. He stabbed Mei, her braids red with blood.

You betrayed me! He saw Huashi pick up the body of a young boy and use it to shield Kotarou. He saw Sora, throwing a weapon, a painfully familiar girl with a machine gun attacking Sora.

But it was the shadows voice. The Demon King always returned. Didn't he? Burning all around, Suzaku was trapped, pain and he couldn't move.

Sora's sword clattered into his vision, Suzaku watched upside down as it vanished, ash falling to earth. The sky was blood, memories of pain, the towers glowed, humming as a star lit up the sky. The campus blazed with light.

All Suzaku could see was the star, the lines spread out across the sky. A tiger, blue and gigantic, smiled. Once, the knight despaired and sought a sage...

The tiger smiled and the world was consumed in fire, Suzaku was falling down into the darkness and the flames. There is a story everybody knows

Suzaku woke with a start.
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