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It's odd, going from stood with the others in the machine room hearing the screams of a dying child in a dying world to all of a sudden being in a knightmare frame plunging a spear into a nuclear warhead.

But Suzaku is quick, he manages. And so Lelouch takes Damocles and he demon emperors takeover is put into action. Suzaku watches feeling sick, because it is far too gone to stop and he can't think of anything better. He just wishes it didn't have to be this way.

He fights Gino and it feels like his heart is splitting in two, Kallen is just as painful. The fight goes much the way it does in canon, the pain is more intense because it comes after what had just happened. He goes from helping save the worlds, to fighting against those who only want the world to be free.

Even though he knows the plan, it still hurts and it still feels wrong.

He first finds the door to the new tower during the month before zero requiem. He's supposed to be dead, so he's alone a lot.

He never stays long, he knows that Lelouch needs him. Zero Requiem goes as planned, Nunnally becomes empress, the areas are freed. Canon stays pretty much the same, the world becomes peaceful. It is Suzaku that is different.

He visits the tower a lot, usually at night when he can't sleep- which is often. He world hops sometimes too, visiting his brother and his friends, but never for long. He is needed and he knows his duty.

Finally though, after many years when the world no longer needs Zero he finds his rest.
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