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Round One

Suzaku's adventures began when he woke up on a train next to an elderly man whom he didn't recognize and his enemy Zero. Then things got weird. He attacked Zero, the man tried to help Zero, Gino turned up, calling him a traitor, and claiming to serve Her Imperial Majesty. Zero seemed confused as to why Suzaku was attacking him at all and the old man who nobody knew seemed to know them all enough to try and talk them down.

By the time a woman walked down the aisle and claimed to be Britannia and claimed the man to be area 11 Suzaku had decided this was just some wacky dream.

Then Zero ordered Gino to help him escape and Gino did so, everyone seemed confused to why he was a traitor, he claimed that 'she' had ordered him to assist Zero when needed and that he was the Knight of One. Zero escaped, everyone was confused and then they remembered they were on a train, which had now stopped in the city of Rakuen.

Suzaku then met another man, who seemed very confused, couldn't remember where he was from, had never even heard of Britannia and called himself Antonio. As if things weren't strange enough already they seemed to understand nothing about where the other was coming from. The man claimed it was the year 2012, whereas Suzaku knew it to be the year 2018.

Things got weirder. They were met at the platform by two girls and seperated into two groups, one for the schoo of Conquest and one for Fortitude. Suzaku was placed in Conquest and was led to a dormitory and told he had a day to get to know the place.

It soon came apparent that a lot of their confusion came from the fact that they had lost memories, important things, trivial things, trying to remember what they had forgotten brought headaches as Suzaku found when he met Lelouch. Lelouch still thought Nunnally dead in FLEIJA and when she turned up he was in pain. Nunnally could see though, and couldn't remember how or why. She didn't seem angry at them though, despite the fact Suzaku remembered her as their enemy.

And there were more people who had never heard of Britannia, who thought he was from Britain, who claimed to be from places that he had never heard of. And furthermore he spoke to Britannia properly, she still believes Charles to be on the throne and had never heard of Lelouch. She did tell him that every country was a person.

Suzaku learned one memory that he had lost; Japanese. Britannia was unsympathetic and told him that Kiku could teach him it again. He then caught Britannia up with everything she had apparently missed.

That evening there was an exhibition match where they all learned about the reason they had been brought to the city. The Exaclan system. A holographic weapon system with which you could do battle, the fighting was impressive at least, if a little weird.

The next day the Round began, they had an assembly when everything was explained to them. That each week people would be called as Players and everyone else would be a Weapon, with no rights. They could be granted rights by joining with a Player for the round.

He met a troll called Feferi, who wanted to change things but wasn't sure how. They discussed changing things from the inside, which gave Suzaku a headache. They decided to vow and she became his first Player.

And so began his first week in Rakuen city, he attended classes including Astronomy, Poisons, Dance and Hairography, Magic for Mages and Fashion (taught by Gino, which he was not impressed about)

He learned that there were other worlds, hence the trolls and the confusion, and that there were other systems like this in other universes. He also learned that people could disappear; as happened to Feferi's friend Sollux.

On the rest day he learned another important lesson. Death as they knew it was meaningless. Gamzee; Lelouch's roommate, murdered Lelouch and he woke up again. He went to find Suzaku as they had not seen each other since the last Rest Day, Nanami caught them and killed Lelouch again whilst inflicting a penalty on Suzaku, to teach him a lesson. Gamzee was insane as Suzaku later found out.

Battling: As Feferi's Weapon they fought Kotarou, winning agiant him and Vriska who they lost to. Suzaku became Vriska's for the remainder of the round.

Round Two

Suzaku was still upset about the events of Rest Day and found out that he had been called as a Player that round. He went about collecting Weapons to give them rights but that was all, he was not planning to play along with this system. He vowed with Feferi after learning that she knew Gamzee and discussing how Nanami had killed Lelouch. He also spoke to Aisha about finding ways to escape the city.

He spoke to Britannia again, and asked her to protect Lelouch. Their conversation was confusing as he began to learn what it meant to be a Nation and how she could not change unless her people changed. It made him think about their mission back home and what that actually meant.

He gained a Weapon in Homura, who was trying to collect raks to protect her friend, America who he vowed with so the man could get better food and Don who was against the system, Don disliked knights unfortunately.

Him and Lelouch also went to meet Nanami who offered to help Lelouch solve the mysteries of Rakuen if Lelouch killed her at the end, when she could die. Suzaku just played guard throughout the meeting but he gathered information. She told them that she had been part of a previous group who had beat the system, and stayed behind. She also told them about glitches and how one had resulted in people regaining their powers. She wouldn't tell them how everyone else had left this world.

Lelouch regained the memory of Shirely and all that had happened to her, he told Suzaku the truth, that Rolo killed Shirely. They made plans, talking about the legend of six stars and demons, and the princess. All which they had heard on the train, and Golbez had gotten from the mayor. Since Suzaku had earned so many raks that round he agreed to buy Lelouch upgrades.

During a walk with America he learned another oddity of this strange place, people could have doubles, those that looked identical but came from different worlds.

He and Lelouch tried to win Nunnally off Gino but failed, aftwerwards they talked about how Nunnally could be the empress and why Gino was being loyal to Zero and Suzaku told Lelouch about how he had betrayed the emperor... why he had been at Ragonork junction. However Lelouch had no idea what he was talking about- and did not get a memory headache, it was brand new information. They were from different times as well.

On Thursday Zero made an announcement, putting up posters claiming they should work together and take down the system, fight against oppression. Suzaku was angry and went round making sure people knew this was a terrorist not some kind of hero.

During his fight with Estonia lelouch's Weapon showed a star, and with his upgrades he was promoted to Prefect.

Battling:He fought Dahlia (with Fef) who surrendered straight away, as it had been a ploy by Lelouch so that Lelouch could be Suzaku's Weapon. He fought Yuri with Homura and gained Rebecca as a Weapon, He fought England and lost America to him, He fought Dave and lost Homura to him; so she could be with Madoka, He fought Oichi and lost Rebecca to her, he fought Gino and lost Don to him, fought Estonia and lost though Lelouch was given back to him, and fought Nephenee and won, giving her Weapons back. He won the round as he managed to have six weapons simultaneously.

Round 3

The round started off badly. Conquest had lost and Day was angry, angry Day meant headaches as they would learn. He earned headaches for all the battles he had lost. In the face of everything Suzaku apologised to Gino for... well everything really; betraying him, how he was acting. Gino forgave him instantly.

He vowed with Feferi again, becoming her weapon to continue their attempt to change the system from within.

Early Monday morning there was an explosion on Fortitude campus at the tower. Suzaku went in even though he wasn't allowed and checked that Lelouch was alright. He suspected Zero and Lelouch told him that he had seen Zero leaving the scene.

A little later that morning Dolorosa made a post to the network asking for information on the subject Zero, Suzaku told her that he knew who Zero was but had forgotten, and that he would do his best to earn enough for a memory charm. She left him some money so that he could buy one.

During Astronomy class that day they discussed Stars. The ones from the legend not the ones in the sky. Suzaku told Golbez about how a Star had appeared on Lelouch's Weapon. Santana was not impressed and Suzaku and Kevin tried to defend Golbez. She fined him 15 raks though Golbez only had 10.

An hour after that Flynn (a prefect) came onto the network to announce that someone had gone below zero raks and a penalty was to begin, three people were punished, one an hour until Golbez got enough raks. Feferi was second to be punished. Suzaku was angry that such a thing could happen.

Then later (it was a very busy Monday okay) Lelouch and Feferi battled, during this battle when Feferi pulled Suzaku's Weapon it starred, just like Lelouch's had the round before.

Lelouch wasn't too happy about the star though he wasn't sure why and he decided that he and Suzaku should link, they weren't sure it would work but it did. They tried to figure out why the stars appeared and what Lelouch and Feferi had in common. Santana told them off, even though it wasn't strictly against the rules and told Lelouch he should be trying to encourage the rivalry.

Suzaku also attended sword class and got a practice partner in Sis. And Battle tactics class; taught by Cornelia who took him out of class to interrogate about how long he had been there and who was from their world and about the spirits of nations.

In the middle of the week it was Red Day. This was a bi-annual event in Rakuen city which celebrated bonds forged by battles. It was a strange holiday, but Lelouch insisted they play along and gave Suzaku cookies to give out (given to Britannia, Gino, Nephenee, Estonia, Dahlia, Yuri, England, Dave, Oichi, the Don (who refused his gift), America, Becca, Homura, Lithuania and Kevin) He gave Feferi and Lelouch a box of chocolates he had bought each. Santana gave him flowers, Sis gave him a card with a flower attached saying Good work, America gave him a hamburger and some candy, Dave gave him an apple cut into a heart, Feferi got him a card, a box of chocolates and a memory charm.

And so Suzaku regained his first memory; how to wear a Yukata. He, Lelouch, Nunnally, Britannia and Gino went on a picnic to the lake, and investigated the tower there. They discovered that when Lelouch or Gino (also a prefect) touched it it hummed.

On the Friday of that week he finally used the money Dolorosa had given him to buy a memory. This time it was not so small; he remembered FLEIJA.

Hit with the enormity of what he had done and the fact that Lelouch was missing memories so couldn't remember when Suzaku told him what had happened, he ran off into the woods to think (and hit things). He spoke to Britannia about it the next day even though she had no idea what FLEIJA was. She called him one of her people and he began to wonder if he was, whose protection was he under when he had hurt both Japan and Britannia; it was a lot harder when countries were people.

He spent the whole rest day coming to terms with doing such a monstrous act, and having forgotten it.

Battling: Lelouch won him off Feferi on Monday.

Round Four

Suzaku met this round with grim determination. They were going to find a way out, and they were going to do it quickly. He was a Player again yet was unsure about his ability to protect anyone when he had harmed so many. Still he took Ashnari (a man he had just met) as his weapon as he couldn't let anyone be a discard.

Feferi came to him and told him she felt awkward about how angry Lelouch had seemed when she had pulled her star, that she didn't want trouble between him and Lelouch and she would be vowing with Sis. Suzaku told her that it was for the best, as he had deceived her and really wasn't a good person. She told him she would still worry about him regardless and she believed him a good person. As an apology he bought her her upgrades later that week, turning her into a Prefect.

He then discovered that Nunnally had slipped into a coma, and was n the infirmary.

Lelouch ordered hm to vow with Cornelia which he did, though he lost her to Golbez.

He spoke to someone whose friends remembered him but not him, someone different. They recognised each other yet came from vastly different worlds that couldn't be explained by different times.

Suzaku bought Lelouch a memory charm, mostly just to distract him from Nunnally being unconcious, Lelouch remembered his mothers face. He got angry though that memories had been taken from him, and said he would go mad in this place. Suzaku promised that he wouldn't let that happen.

Nunnally woke up near the end of the week, Suzaku was at her side and now that he remembered that she wasn't the only one who had fired FLEIJA he wasn't so angry, also he was guilty as he had almost killed her. He asked how she had gotten her sight again and this time she told him, he asked if Schneizel had forced her to fire FLEIJA and she said no; she had done it as she didn't want anyone else to shoulder the burden.

Suzaku realised that she had grown up, he felt guilty for that but she told him that since Lelouch had done everything for her it was the least she could do. He asked what happened and she told him that the world became peaceful but Lelouch didn't live to see it. Their plan had worked.

Santana challenged people to a fight, Lelouch agreed though by the time of the fight he had been lost and so Suzaku fought with Feferi instead.

Battling: Suzaku (with Lelouch) beat Sadaharu Inui and gave Dahlia back to him, he lost Ashnari to Spain, wins Cornelia off Golbez, wins Cornelia back (off Spain this time) and then loses her to Dave, wins Feferi off Sis Strider, loses Lelouch to Jade and then fights Santana with Feferi and loses but gets Feferi back.

Round Five

Now that Nunnally was awake it was time for Lelouch to fall into a coma. Suzaku spent the round worried about him, but there were other things to be worried about. Day had been attacked by Yuri the night before assembly and she was furious, she punished everyone for losing, and then punished Flynn for the attack. Because Flynn and Yuri were linked. Suzaku vowed with Flynn.

He attended Crime Solving and murder class, also Government class (taught by America) which he didn't understand at all.

He met a girl called Lemina who had managed to drown, after explaining about undead rings, she vowed with Nunnally.

He also got to know his new roommate Rose as Kevin had been made a Prefect. She couldn't see, this turned into an impromptu geography lesson wherein he learned that Britannia in his world was the landmass called the United States of America in hers (and he assumed other worlds with similar geography)

At the end of the Round Lelouch woke up.

Battling: He wasn't used in Battle this round.

Round Six

This round began with fog. And an assembly unlike the others, as it was a joint assembly in the battle arena.

They were informed a dungeon had appeared, in the form of a ship. The Players were to take their Weapons to explore and fight their way to the centre of the ship to gain treasure.

During that assembly he met a woman who said he was one of hers, she claimed to be Japan. She seemed surprised that there had been a male version of herself, and furthermore had never heard of the Holy Empire of Britannia. She was a free Japan from another world.

He Lelouch and Britannia entered the ship, adopted a kitten (leading to Suzaku learning that he had forgotten something about cats, memory resets everywhere), they fought some creatures, got some treasure.

A few days into the Round Lelouch summoned Suzaku into the ship without warning (Players had a fancy device which let them enter and exit the dungeon) He was furious and Suzaku had no idea why. He asked if Suzaku remembered Lelouch's memory being modified before they had arrived in the city, Suzaku said no and Lelouch shoved him into a wall and called him a liar. Suzaku asked if he had remembered FLEIJA as that was the only thing he could think of.

Lelouch said it was FLEIJA it was all the times they had fought, it was when Suzaku allowed Nunnally to be stolen from Lelouch, it was when he had allowed Charles to take his memories. Suzaku just got a headache, utterly confused.

Lelouch threw a memory charm at him and told him he would keep buying them until Suzaku remembered what he had done, luckily (or unfortunately) he didn't have to as it was the right memory... In a rush of anger Suzaku remembered that Lelouch was Zero and all that that meant. They fought and screamed at each other and Lelouch had a real gun which Suzaku didn't even try to take from him.

Lelouch drew Suzaku's weapon and shoved him backwards before shooting the weapon; essentially Suzaku's soul. Suzaku fell unconscious and was in a coma for three days.

He woke up on Rest Day, filled with fear and anger and guilt, dealing with the fact Lelouch was Zero, had killed Euphemia, of all the things Suzaku had done to him. And the knowledge that they were linked, it was irreversible. They were stuck together.

Anya had arrived and he spent some time with her and Gino trying to pretend that everything was normal and that the world was not crumbling beneath him. He then went to Dolorosa and told her that he had remembered who Zero was, she guessed more than him telling, from his reaction that it was Lelouch.

He went to the lakeside and Lelouch was there, he had calmed down and told him that despite everything he had still chosen him as his knight. Suzaku asked if he regretted it (even if Lelouch technically hadn't done it yet) Lelouch said no and asked if Suzaku had told Dolorosa. Suzaku admitted to it.

Lelouch told him he still needed his help and they agreed to try and open a tower, as per their plan. Things were frosty though.

And made worse by Britannia, she came to cheer Suzaku up and made things worse, wondering why he had ever thought he and Lelouch were friends, emperors could not be friends with their subjects after all. And telling him that Lelouch had been using him even as children.

Battling: There were no battles due to dungeon. For obvious reasons they didn't beat the dungeon.

Round Seven

Also known as the round where Suzaku angsted about everything and lost every single battle he was in. Every. Single. Battle.

He vowed with Minako, who was new. Most of his efforts went into helping Lelouch open the Battle Arena tower. Lelouch, Kevin, Gino and Jade were the prefects who were trying to open the tower. Suzaku was there as back up as was Dave, each of them put their hand on the tower and it began to hum, when the last hand was placed a star shot from the top and from the star came a creature. The Yellow Wyrm of the Centre. A battle began, Lelouch rallied people over the network and everyone arrived.

He used Nunnally's Weapon and promised not to tell Lelouch that she was at the battle, and to get her a weapon she could use if he could manage it. He vowed to Kanda on the battle field in order to give him a weapon, and he fought side by side with Feferi. They defeated the Wyrm and in reward they all received a voucher to buy one thing from Recette's Shop. (Suzaku used this on a memory for Cirno during the next round)

He and Lelouch explored the open tower, they discovered many weapons, some they recognised from those that had disappeared. At the top of the tower were windows and two hand prints on a pedestal.

Also that week he began Advanced Summoning class, a very strange class indeed.

He also got his final upgrades and became a Prefect.

Battling: He lost Minako to Jade, Feferi to America and Kanda to Dirk.

Round Eight

His first round as a Prefect, he was punished for losing as Conquest had lost again and he met Cirno for the first time after she made an impassioned speech about fighting the system. He vowed with her without even asking Lelouch.

Golbez was made a prefect early in the Round and began planning to open another tower, Suzaku volunteered to help. America's Rak count fell below 0 as he didn't fight by mid week, Nunnally was one of the people punished, Lelouch came to help her and Suzaku talked Santana into not punishing him if they got off campus.

That rest day Suzaku was one of those meeting new characters at the Platform. He had the worst group; Arthur, who bossed him about, blamed him for being there and was a prat. Stellaluna, a baby bat who wouldn't leave Jane's shirt. Jadesprite, a dog ghost girl who couldn't remember her name and wouldn't stop crying, and Nepeta, a young cat like troll girl who wouldn't leave the train, was suspicious of him and the sky.

Battling: He was used against Lemina, Cirno won but gave Lemina's Weapon back.

Round Nine

Was a tournament. An interesting round. Nunnally was a player and Suzaku was her Weapon, she got knocked out in the first round however as Stellaluna had a pack ring which meant Flynn could fight for her. Suzaku ended up as Stellaluna's Weapon and the little bat went on to win the tournament. She got a mini Yellow Wyrm as a prize. The townspeople really enjoyed the tournament.

Britannia got memories back but not through charms, instead she fell asleep and when she awoke she seemed to be from a later time than before. She had remembered the FLEIJA attacks on Britannia and Lelouch taking over.

Suzaku and Lelouch finally talked properly about what had happened and what Britannia had said to Suzaku. Lelouch assured him they had been friends and told him that he trusted him, even if he betrayed him. That he had earned the right to.

There had been another negative raks punishment and Cirno had been the one to administer it. She was upset afterwards and he went to talk to her, to try and help her with her guilt.

Feferi disappeared this round.

It should be noted that in the rest day of this round he was exposed to awful Strider movies. We are not sure what that did to his character development except maybe make him appreciate Britannian films more.

Battling: Stellaluna won him and Lelouch off Nunnally. She then used them and Flynn against Anya and won. And she used Suzaku as part of her team to beat Daenerys. Suzaku used her pack ring for that battle.

Round Ten

Golbez was planning to open a second tower, he was a Player so asked for Suzaku as his Weapon. Suzaku agreed and on Monday they opened the second tower. Suzaku, Golbez, Sora Himoto and Jake. This time they summoned the Red Phoenix of the South.

Huge firebird, with fire balls. Lelouch decided this was a wonderful time to fall into a coma, and Suzaku died protecting him from a fireball. He rejoined the battle, Lelouch had been put somewhere safe. He and Golbez fought together. For opening this tower he received an ornate bottle that could be sent to send a message home.

Lelouch woke up at the end of the round having had a similar experience to Britannia, except he now remembered way into Suzaku's future, to the point where he died. Suzaku was obviously glad they had succeeded and torn that Lelouch was dead, even though he was obviously alive. Lelouch told him that nothing would stop him taking down the system, no matter how much they punished Suzaku in his stead. Suzaku told him to do his worst.

During the next rest day Suzaku slipped into a coma.

Battling: Golbez used him against Jake and they won Jane from him. He also used him against Samuel and won Kotaro from him.

Round Eleven

Suzaku was in a coma almost all of Round Eleven, waking only for the day of the Round. (Aka I was on Hiatus) However when he woke up he went to Logical Nonsense and Recrementitious Explication of Elementary Absurdity taught by the Cheshire Cat (with whom he began a wonderful and confusing friendship), Introduction to Rogue Training and a Practical Approach to Alcohol Appreciation by Isabela (with whom he began a wonderful hateship) and Cooking by Flynn (where he managed not to poison anyone somehow).

Battling: Due to his coma Suzaku was a discard.

Round Twelve

He was a Player again, and for the first time so was Lelouch. He managed to get an initial Weapon in a man called Jack Noir.

During Cheer class (taught by Santana) he got into trouble for not being enthusiastic enough, and Santana tried to make him react, before telling him he was only good for obeying orders. In Knight Training he and Arthur discussed the differences of Knighthood in their worlds and in Abnormal Botany he learned about flying carnivorous plants.

He also spoke to Isabela again and she told him she hated people like him, people who thought they were heroes. He told her he was no hero.

All in all not a good round for self confidence

On Friday there was a thunderstorm and as a Prefect he was sent to round people up and make sure they stayed in the dorms. Lelouch left him a PDA message telling him he might end up with a penalty before the night was over and Suzaku spent his time wondering what Lelouch was getting into. He also learned more about strange shadows that now lived in the towers, which you had to fight in order to enter, from Jadesprite.

He was proud of Cirno who won the round.

He was on Platform duty again, Hikaru attacked him and had to be talked down by Samuel. Suzaku gave Hikaru his message bottle so he could send a letter to his brother.

He also met Nanami Kiryuu, who tried to treat him like a servant but he didn't let her, Madotsuki and Aria.

Later that afternoon it was time for Lelouch's next attack. He gave Suzaku a computer program to run on Conquest computers. They attacked the system on three fronts and succeeded in breaking the translators. No one could understand each other for a while. Suzaku got frustrated that he couldn't speak Japanese.

Battling: He lost America to Cirno and Juri to Arthur. He tried not to win Conquest only battles as he didn't want others punished.
Interschool battle wise he beat Komachi yet gave her Weapons back, he beat Lelouch and won Juri off him, he beat Sora and gave her Weapon back.

Round Thirteen

Of course actions have consequences and by Sunday the translators were fixed and everyone was summoned to a joint assembly. Dunleavy was livid, and she had found the culprits. Both Suzaku and Lelouch took each others punishments, fifteen minutes of pain for their actions. She had also caught Dirk's rabbit Lil Seb and as both Jane (who owned Lil Seb) and Dirk (who sent him to attack) confessed both their Stars were punished. Which was Jake; he got half an hour of pain.

Lelouch made a dramatic speech before their punishment.

Suzaku and Lelouch also had their rights taken away for the week, essentially becoming discards no matter if they were owned Weapons or Players. Suzaku was a Player. He spent the week confined to campus, not seeing Lelouch except his fight with Yuka, which they jumped through hoops in order to have.

Near the end of the week Lelouch slipped into a coma again, and Suzaku worried about him, unable to even get updates from Britannia as he was banned from using the network.

Rest day came at last and Suzaku was glad of platform duty just to get off campus. He met Kaoru and Yosuke who were both new. Saturday ended up badly when Nunnally disappeared from the city.

Battling: Due to his discard but Player status he couldn't have any interschool battles as he couldn't organise them or get off campus to fight. However he fought Yuka and Arthur and beat them both, giving their Weapons back.

Round Fourteen

Upset about Nunnaly and worried about Lelouch Suzaku was surprised to hear that this round was to be different. A school trip, out of the city. They were bundled onto the train and strangely enough fell asleep once more before arriving at their destination. Suzaku had been made a Player, and given a special red glove for the trip.

Each Player was assigned a Weapon (or two) and Suzaku was assigned a man called Vanezio, from his school and teacher of the Flower Pressing class. Vane was not that great at out door things and whilst Suzaku helped him pitch the tent he learned why, and about Vane's world which was very different than his. A world which was mostly destroyed and where humans lived in protective domes.

It was a strange friendship but they got on well in the week they were Player and Weapon. On the Monday they went hiking, Suzaku learned that Vane was ill and yet had forgotten how to use his medication. Suzaku helped him and making sure Vane took his painkillers became a job Suzaku never forgot to do for the rest of their time in Rakuen.

On Tuesday they built a bridge, something they excelled at as Vanezio was an engineer and Suzaku good at such things.

On the Wednesday they went climbing and all went well... until Suzaku's link necklace fell off, falling down the cliff to be lost in the wilderness, Lelouch had disappeared. He fell from the wall, fatally wounding Vane as a result.

Vane's medicine meant that he wasn't aware of how much damage had happened as he felt no pain. They talked, a painful conversation as Suzaku tried and failed to sort out his feelings, and then after Vane tried to convince him that crying would be a good idea, shoving all his feelings aside to be worried for Vane, who died in his arms.

Even though he woke up minutes later back in camp Suzaku felt incredibly guilty and believed himself to be in Vane's debt.

On Thursday they had a canoe race (which they were hilariously bad at), built a tree house (which was not as fun as it should have been as Suzaku was numb from loss). On Friday they had an epic obstacle course with everything from swimming to climbing, testing teamwork. They did well though once again it was tinged with sadness and awkwardness.

Then they returned to the city, and Suzaku had to deal with the fact that Lelouch had truly gone. He was in a state of shock and was quick to anger if he showed any emotion at all. He snapped at America over something stupid, and had less patience than usual on the Platform meeting new people.

Battling: He lost against Arthur, Yuka, Yosuke, Santana and fought a three way battle with Yuri and Asagi which Asagi won.

Round Fifteen

Known as the round where Suzaku pretty much gave up. He remained a discard throughout and kept himself to himself, going to classes but avoiding people (specifically the Hitachiin twins who were trying to set up a Hoast Club)

He did talk to Cirno who was visiting Nephenee in the infirmary where she had been in a coma for a very long time. She was lost and uncertain and he told her about the towers and what Lelouch had been trying to do. She decided she would try to open another tower and asked for his help. They decided to have a meeting on the next rest day in the town.

That rest day was haunted by strange ghosts, people who had once been there, or had never been there, disappearing if you got to close. Haunted by old friends they had their meeting. Suzaku had enlisted Flynn's help to find out which Prefects could open the tower. Soon they had a plan and got ready for the next round.

Battling: Suzaku was a discard this week.

Round Sixteen

And they were back on track. Suzaku entered this round with a grim determination much like the end of canon where he is speeding towards Zero Requiem. They planned t open the towers and get out, as fast as they could. He took the words of Lelouch's speech to heart, there was nothing they could do to them to make them stop.

He vowed with Arthur and made a network post offering to buy upgrades to anyone who wanted them, in order to make as many prefects as possible. Arthur spent a lot of time in the shop, which he grumbled about but went along with anyways.

He got mocked by Santana, and kissed by Asagi and somehow ended up buying random things as well but his mission was soon completed. After a conversation with Vane they decided to link, for convenience as it would guarantee Vane a star on his Weapon.

It was a sign of Suzaku's determination and that he was willing to continue on, even now Lelouch had disappeared. Yuri, Flynn, Rebecca and Cirno opened the Island tower and this time they summoned the Black Turtle of the North. they fought and won, this time Suzaku recieved a broach, which would allow him to take a weapon out of the tower. He took Lelouch's.

However to dampen their success Nephenee disappeared, Cirno was upset and Suzaku tried to convince her that even though it seemed like nothing had changed they had done a positive thing.

Battling: He was used in battle by Arthur against Merlin. They won.

Round Seventeen

He continued being determined and pushing towards the end, they unlocked another fragment of legend and he and Vane became Cirno's Weapons.

Britannia experienced more of the future, right the way up to Lelouch's death and her empire being disbanded. She was lost and confused and Suzaku felt bad that he had had a part in that, even though he knew it was for the best. Yet she thanked him, and was sad that he had been lost.

Cirno hadn't been going to lessons for a few weeks and that finally caught up to her, Suzaku was forced to punish Yuka; Cirno's star. Cirno was obviously upset and Suzaku felt guilty. It caused a rift in their friendship and Suzaku avoided both her and Cirno.

Battling: Suzaku wasn't used in battle that round.

Round Eighteen

Suzaku was a Player that round and Yuka asked if he would vow to her, he had been avoiding her since the punishment but she told him that it was important to show them that they couldn't drive them apart. That whatever they made them do they could and would still work together. With that in mind he challenged Cirno so that they wouldn't be punished for not battling.

Battling: He lost to Cirno using Vane.

Round Nineteen

It was obvious from the start that something was wrong, all the staff looked worried. Dunleavy apologised for not making them fully understand how important what they did was, and for not forcing the matter of battling. She told them they could still fix things, they were to fight well, make strong vows and protect each other. She also gave them a blank memory charm each, and told them they would know what to do if the time came. With this in mind Suzaku took the Hitachiin twins as Weapons as well as Vanezio and the final week began.

He met Cirno near the battle arena tower and went with her so she could collect a weapon. They fought the shadows and he was there for her on the other side, just as promised. They put what had happened behind them, in order to try and fix things.

But things got worse, on Monday all the discards disappeared, people got penalty headaches, on Tuesday shadows swarmed the city, more people disappeared including Dunleavy, Dolorosa and Santana. Food was scarce, on Wednesday the city was attacked by the Black Tortoise of the North who returned to it's tower, which locked behind it. All the weapons collected from there disappeared as did Nanami. The city began to shake, the power was intermittent at best.

On Wednesday night Kaoru, Kikaru and Vane all vanished, as did every other non Prefect Weapon in the city. Suzaku had failed to save them, he and Yuka ate not quite ripe strawberries and watched the dying in horror, wondering what they had done so wrong.

On Thursday he could hear a wailing and the Phoenix attacked, that tower shut and locked and Day vanished. That night all remaining Weapons disappeared. Leaving the Players.

On Friday the Yellow Wyrm attacked and it's tower locked, Recette disappeared. The buildings began to crumble, Suzaku tried to gather the Players together.

At 5pm everyone who was not a Prefect disappeared leaving Cirno and Suzaku alone in a ruined city. They sat by the lake and tried to think of what they could even do, and how it had even came to this. They feared they would be left alone and wondered if they were doing to die. They decided they couldn't just sit around and in a last ditch attempt to save things they went to the mansion, to find something, anything that could help.

And eventually they disappeared too. He ended up in a grey room and knew the time for the memory charm was now. He could give advice, a feeling, words of wisdom. Because his time was done but next time things could be better.

He stepped out of the grey world and stood on the hillside overlooking Rakuen, surrounded by everyone else, the townspeople and students and he watched as the city and the watchers were engulfed in light and he knew that even if he wouldn't be around to see it, everything was going to be alright.
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