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Heh like even Suzaku understands Suzaku but lets try!

So the most important thing to remember about Suzaku is that he wants to die. He believes he deserves to die and he is fully aware that he cannot. This is at the core of most of his issues and being in the tower is not helping one little jot.

This all started when Suzaku was ten, just turned ten and Britannia invaded Japan. The Prime Minister declared all out war and Japan fought in ernest. Like most ten year old children Suzaku wished for the fighting to stop.

However unlike other ten year old children Suzaku had the means to stop it, he was the son of the Prime minister and so took matters into his own hands. This is a theme with Suzaku; he tries to fix things, it goes wrong, horribly so.

In this case he killed his father, Japan surrendered, Britannia took over stripped the country of rights and its name, renaming it Area 11 and those inside it 'elevens'. A reign of oppression followed.

Well done Suzaku.

So that's the start of it, but it gets worse. We know very little about Suzaku's life between the age of ten and fourteen. His mother is dead (we assume, died in childbirth is the most common opinion but who even knows man). After his friends (Lelouch and Nunnally, more about them later) leave him at a roadside after Lelouch vows to destroy Britannia Suzaku wanders, lives with a woman for a while (all we know is she owned a motorcycle, Suzaku's job was to clean it and she wouldn't let him ride it- sensible as he was ten...)

Continuing on the road of smart and sane decisions when Suzaku is fourteen he decides to join the Britannian army (yes the ones that invaded his country) and try and change them from the inside! He becomes a soldier, and an honoury Britannian (we're not too sure what the honour bit is, as it's pretty much a euphemism for cannon fodder.)

Another thing to remember is Suzaku would be a perfect pilot hero if he lived in any other anime world ever. But he doesn't. He lives in Code Geass world and so despite being top of his class, with redic fast reflexes and so much heart and optimism he could put Romeo to shame his life continues to suck.

See honoury Britannian's aren't allowed to be pilots, so despite coming top in his classes and the simulations, it would be four years before he got to actually pilot a mecha.

This happens completely by chance when Suzaku comes across his old friend Lelouch in an abandoned subway whilst chasing terrorists. Lelouch; a Britannian prince who after the death of his mother was sent as a hostage to Japan and was befriended (eventually; Suzaku was a jerk even as a kid) by Suzaku, was there completely by accident but Suzaku refused to kill him and got shot for his trouble.

So I mentioned that honoury Britannian's can't be pilots; it is Suzaku's dream (well that and changing Britannia from this inside). He loves piloting even if he has only done it on a simulation to the point that when a crazy scientist who has plucked him from the subway and fixed him asks if he will pilot his experimental knightmare frame (which has a high chance of explosion and no ejection/escape seat.) Suzaku says yes.

Meanwhile Lelouch becomes a masked terrorist called Zero...

So. So far we have gathered that Suzaku has a guilt complex, loves piloting, wants to change things from the inside and refuses to kill innocents.

That will all change (okay it will mostly change), we are still only at like episode 3...

So Lelouch kills a prince who happens to be the leader of Area 11 and Lelouch's half brother (the emperor has so many wives, like all the wives. And loads of kids.) The Britannian's have no idea who is responsible so arrest Suzaku.

Why? Who even knows, but he was there and convenient, had been found injured and his commander (the one who shot him) and all his men were found dead (Lelouch did that as well). Also canon fodder. So Suzaku was arrested and refused to admit a crime he hadn't done, he was led off to trial and inevitable execution. Showing very little care for his own life. He actually says that if the world is so unfair then he doesn't care that he's leaving it.

As he is led parade style to his trial he gets rescued by Zero who does lots of theatrics and claims to be Clovis' murderer. He is freed by Zero who asks him to join him. Any normal person would, after all the Britannians had shot him, sent him out in a possibly exploding knightmare frame, arrested him and were going to kill him for a crime there was absolutely no proof he commited.

But this is Suzaku we are talking about, so he told Zero that his way, terrorism and fear is wrong and Suzaku wants to follow his own path.

So we learn that Suzaku is a total idiot.

Anyways stuff happens, he goes to his trial, gets let off because there really is no evidence and Zero confessed. He meets a girl (Called Euphemia; large reason for most of his mental anguish now) and it turns out she is a princess and she sends him to school. School starts off tough. Did I mention everyone hates Suzaku? I don't think I did...

So Honoury Britannians are generally looked down upon by Britannian's and hated by those of the country they are origionaly from for being traitors. Suzaku; since he was the son of the Prime minister is even more a traitor. Untrusted by the Britannian's and hated by the Japanese it's really not a surprise the kid is messed up. After later canon events this hate gets worse, Suzaku is known as the white reaper among both the Britannian's and Japanese; but the Britannian's mean it as a compliment... In the tower he still can't completely believe people don't just automatically hate him just for being him, but sort of likes the anomnity.

So at school he is reunited with Lelouch and Nunnally and finally gets accepted by the student council, he makes friends, continues missions on the side and everything goes well.

It doesn't last.

Suzaku hates hurting innocents, and hates failing to save innocents. He takes things hard, but his new job as secret pilot of the Lancelot means that he is killing more and more people. His guilt gets worse.

And the Britannian's don't help. Britannian society is based on social Darwinism, meaning only the strongest, the fittest survive. Terrorism is rife and put down swiftly and without mercy. Suzaku is ordered to kill an old military leader who just happened to be his old martial arts teacher and psudo father figure. He escapes though and Suzaku fights him. This fight is important- as Suzaku becomes more determined in his self imposed mission, and because his status as the pilot of the lancelot is revealed when the roof is torn off.

Then Euphemia decides he's going to be her knight.

Euphemia is a pink haired princess who loves Suzaku the way a teenage girl loves a celebrity, however she happens to be a princess with contacts who can make said celebrity her knight. Suzaku is completely besotted with her too and so he's not complaining.

The rest of Britannia is though and this leads to the next aspect of Suzaku's personality. He has had to fight tooth and nail for every ounce of respect he has. He has sold out friends, his country, killed his father, all in the name of his goal and he can only change Britannia if he has power.

If it was a story about Suzaku, a young Japanese kid who managed to become the first ever non- Britannian knight in a racist, social Darwinist society it would be a triumph. But this is code Geass and so having been built up Suzaku get's broken, again and again and again.

First a mind reading madman who is trying to capture C.C (green haired girl who gave Lelouch the Geass) unlocks what Suzaku has hiden from even himself; his fathers murder.

Then on one of his first missions as Euphie's knight he tries to capture Zero, he manages and is ordered to hold him and wait for the area to be blown up (meaning he will die too but as has been already established Suzaku does not care)

And that's when the live on Geass happens.

A Geass from Lelouch (there are many types of Geass' differing depending on the user) means an absolute order that cannot be defied. If it is a recurring order you must do it over and over again, a Geass is only broken when the Geassed person dies.

Zero commands Suzaku to "live". Suzaku defies his orders and escapes, rescuing Zero in the process. His Geass is one of the main reasons for Suzaku's self hatred. For a person who wishes to die to atone for his sins so much, to be commanded to live on is a curse. In the tower he knows there are places and times where he can die, it's happened. But since he comes back anyways...

However he welcomes those deaths however temporary; an end to everything for a while, a small atonement. His death in the pod was welcomed as it meant someone else didn't have to die. For someone who has spent a lot of his life failing to protect people and seeing so many die, murdering so many it was a welcome change.

So totally death seeking, but at this point still hopeful, optimistic and determined to change the world for the better. He is willful, stubborn but not quite a jerk. Not yet. That comes later.

Euphemia decides to create a Special Administrative Zone where Britannian's and numbers can live in peace, where Elevens can be called Japanese once more. She invites Zero to join her. (She knows who Zero is, but doesn't tell anyone)

To explain Suzaku's Suzakuness this is best told from what he sees. Zero arrives, goes to speak with Euphemia, something strange happens and he sees the green haired girl he saw in the subway before he was shot. He touches the knightmare frame she is in and gets blasted by memories. He falls unconscious.

He wakes to gunshots, Britannian's firing at the Japanese, claiming Euphemia had given out the order to kill them all. He goes in search of her and finds her just in time to see her gunned down. Zero geassed her (in his defense it was an accident) to kill all the Japanese.

He speaks to her a little before she dies, the Geass kicks in as he himself is Japanese but she is too weak to do anything.

And Suzaku BSODs.

Actually everyone BSODs, no one is sane in the final battle if R1, no one.

Euphemia's death is one of the big changing points, it kills his hope, his optimism. He becomes more serious, doesn't smile as much.

He also discovers the truth; Lelouch his best friend is also Zero his worst enemy. He sells him out to the emperor who wipes his memories and promotes Suzaku to the knights of the round, the most prestigous knights in the empire.

And thus we have Suzaku's crowning moment of jerkness. Taking him from wide eyed idealist who wants to change the world, to hard, cold and angry boy.

And he gets worse. Months pass, Suzaku really becomes the white reaper but he still refuses to hurt innocents. He is still Suzaku somewhere despite being a jerk (and he really is a jerk, this is his moments of jerkness).

Anyways Lelouch regains his memories, Suzaku continues to be a jerk, this goes on for a while.

Really all that needs to be added is that Suzaku is a jerk, he can be rude, he uses people (mostly Nunnally), he rarely smiles but really his jerkness is hiding the fact he is very broken.

And we are only at the beginning of R2!

He still refuses to hurt people, making the decision to exile a million people dressed as Zero instead of ordering them gunned down. He also continues to have no care about his own life or what happens to him (he is completely impassive to Schneizel and Lelouch playing a game of chess with him as the stakes.

Then we have a slippery slope of tragic: Shirley gets murdered, Suzaku fails to save her. Then he carries a weapon of mass destruction on his knightmare frame. (He gets bullied into it, Suzaku has no willpower whatsoever, comes with the lack of self worth)

He carries it but declares he will not use it. Of course he doesn't quite get a choice, his Live Geass kicks in and he fires F.L.E.I.J.A and wipes out Tokyo.


Guilt issues x bajillions

There are not enough numbers

He killed 33 million people in one move.

He kinda snaps.

He has a total U turn of moral values. Until this point his belief is that the means do not justify the means, innocents must be protected, he is a murderer and guilty for every death.

After F.L.E.I.J.A he goes "whelp screw it" and decides that as long as the goal, of changing, destroying, anything to Britannia is worth it. He is a murderer, he should die but can't and so he will fix this.

He betrays the emperor, joining with Schneizel, goes to assasinate the emperor, meets up with Lelouch, watches him prevent the end of the world.

And they make a plan. Zero Requiem. To the Suzaku of the tower they never completed their plan, he came before it happened. They failed.

He sort of hopes the worlds have truly ended because a world where they failed, where their plan fell apart and Schneizel won is too painful to think about.

So he betrays Schneizel and becomes Lelouch's knight; the knight of Zero.

(I did mention the betraying thing)

And that is where he comes from, Lelouch's knight, they managed to stop F.L.E.I.J.A, against all the odds. They are destroying Britannia, fighting Schneizel and flying towards their final punishments with a grim ferocity.

Though it hasn't happened Suzaku knows what awaits him. He will kill Lelouch and take on the mask of Zero, having feigned his own death. Living behind a mask forever, the name Suzaku Kururugi known only as a traitor and knight to the demon emperor. The world united against them.

Suzaku of the tower is relieved it hasn't happened, yet guilty as he feels like he has gotten away with his crimes. Lelouch received his punishment, yet Suzaku has not and he will never stop atoning for his sins.

So Suzaku is Lelouch's knight, yet the Lelouch of the tower comes from end of series, to him Zero Requiem has happened. He has told Suzaku he is no longer his knight and it threw Suzaku off completely. His life became Zero Requiem, their final attempt to save the world and now that's not there... Suzaku is lost.

He has become more and more angsty, betraying Minato hurt him a lot and it is another thing he will never forgive himself for. But when you have a list that includes Nuking Tokyo one more betrayal is just a drop in the ocean.

When fighting Suzaku pushes himself too hard. He relies on his Geass, putting himself into situations where his Geass kicks in and takes over. Because of this his memory has many gaps (he remembers nothing that happens under the influence of Geass). He fears these gaps, fearing to know what he has done. But needing to know, and add it to his list of why he deserves to die.

As well as Lelouch there is Rolo and Nunnally in the tower. Suzaku is uneasy around Rolo; and Rolo is (I think) unaware that Suzaku is loyal to Lelouch.

Nunnally is a complex one, she is from post series and one of the very few people who know that Suzaku is Zero, however from Suzaku's point of view she is working for Schneizel and has fired F.L.E.I.J.A a few times. Things are awkward.

Also prepared to be hugged by Disciple. This happens.

So in conclusion...

"Being Suzaku is suffering" is probably a good conclusion, from where he stands now he is very broken, and more so because of the tower. His only goal is escape/bringing down the administration but he has no good ideas and Lelouch is being uncooperative. He tries to protect those he can, spending most his days wandering and killing monsters. He has given up having close friends because he always fails them/ betrays them/ kills them. But they are mostly persistent and stick around. He's not the cleverest, his schooling is very choppy; he had tutoring until he was ten, then nothing until he was seventeen and then a little bit when he was eighteen. But he has very quick reflexes and is crazy athletic.

As well as one (1) Suzaku body you will receive;

A pair of sunglasses at the bottom of the trunk
His flight suit and cloak which he wears all the time. The flight suit is ridiculously tight and the cloak is just ridiculous.
A pocket watch with a bullet hole through it
An ignition key
A Knight pin, slightly blood stained
A voucher for the restaurant
A black cat. Called Arthur. It bites Suzaku constantly. It's a love-hate relationship.
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