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Character Name: Suzaku Kururugi

Character Series: Code Geass

Character Age: 18 19

Personality: Simply put, Suzaku is a hero with a martyr complex, who was born into the wrong genre of anime by accident. Suzaku is content when sacrificing himself for others, be that physically in battle or emotionally putting their needs and rights over his. He is a serial atoner and has been ever since murdering his father at the age of ten. As a result of this
incident he decided that the end never justifies the means.

This philosophy pretty much defines Suzaku’s life, at the beginning of the series he refuses to kill civilians; the first time we see this is him refusing to kill Lelouch and being shot as a result. He will go as far as to disobey orders in order to save civilians even when he knows he will be punished. He does however have no problems with being ordered to lay his life down and will obey calmly.

Of course, living in the world that he does, this strong moral standpoint slips every time it comes into conflict with his others loyalties: his loyalty to Japan and its people; his loyalty to the Britannian Army who he swore to serve; or to those who he cares about and wishes to protect. Because of the things he has done in the past, he firmly believes that he deserves to die and, though he never goes as far as explicitly attempting suicide, he has no qualms about putting himself in danger, fighting on past what is sane and reasonable, in the hope of achieving death. This deathwish forced Lelouch to cast a Geass on him: the order to “live on”, which has many horrific and far-reaching consequences, ironically making Suzaku hate
himself even more.

For the most part Suzaku finds himself loyal to causes more than people, and will serve anyone who he believes will allow him to do what is right. This does mean he has a tendency for betraying those around him once they no longer fulfil these criteria; indeed he betrayed his own people, by joining the army of the nation who had invaded and colonised them. He then later betrays Lelouch to the Emperor after Euphemia’s death and so becomes a Knight of the Round, he also betrays Nunnally by using her as bait, and then Lelouch for a second time, albeit inadvertently. He then betrays the Emperor to join with Schneizel as part of a deal to become Knight of One, and finally betrays Schneizel to join with Lelouch for the sake of Zero Requiem.

After he fires F. L. E. I. J. A on Tokeyo he goes through a shift of personality. He realises that his way of living, being a soldier and yet hating violence is not feasible and starts to lose his ideals of the means never justifying the end. He believes he has crossed a line and nothing he can do will make it better and so during Zero Requiem he does horrific things in the name of his final goal of saving the world.

Outside of battle situations Suzaku is polite and reserved but cautiously friendly. He drifts through levels of formality depending on who he is with and how well he knows them. When he started Lelouch’s school he waited for the other students to approach him first and to accept him before he became relaxed around to them (which was probably smart as he met horrid prejudice and bullying due to being Japanese in a Britannian school) once the other students accepted him he became friendly and came to care for them a lot.

Abilities: Though Suzaku has no super powers or magic or any such thing he is pretty good at combat. With rediculous hand eye coordination and reaction times he is able to do things like disarm a pendalum gun and destroy an automatic firing machine gun without being hurt. He also is trained in martial arts and Knightmare frame piloting the latter which will be no help whatsoever in animus.

He is also under a Geass of "Live," this activates whenever he is in danger, or about to give up and die making his body do everything in its power to continue living. This helps him in battle.


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Name: Suzaku Kururugi
Room: 2-06 with Shinji, Lancelot and Sephiroth
Collar Colour: Yellow
Age: 18 19 20
Birthday: July 10th (canon)
Collar Fluid: Normal
Job: Ball Pit Cleaner

Current State: Alive.
Died eight times:
- Escaping with Link
- Eaten by Spidermom
- Killed During Signless' mission.
- Killed by Condesce in the labyrinth
- Exploded in the pod event
- Killed by Hallelujah during Glamour failure
- Killed during dorm elevator break in
- Killed due to Sephiroth's kill switch

Trunk Contents:
- 1 x Outfit (His Knight of Zero Flight Suit, His cloak, Pair of boots) (Worn through whale attack)

1) A black cat called Arthur
2) Pair of Sunglasses (On AU!Sora's grave)
3)His fathers pocketwatch, it has a bullet hole in the glass, which is cracked around it. (Given to him as a 'reward') (water damaged) (On AU!Minato's grave)
4) The ignition key for Lancelot (reward for Labyrinth) (water damaged)
5) His Knight Pin from Euphie (reward for pod event) (water damaged and faded) (on AU!Jin's grave)

- A voucher for a free meal at the restaurant (reward for winning Hide and Seek) (Given to Nunnally for Lelouch's birthday party)
- Cheshire Cat Costume (Reward from Trick or treat or die) (Turned into blanket coat thing and gloves for Nunnally)
- A Britannian army standard gun (with bullets) (reward from December)
- Chocolates in a box given to him by Lelouch on valentines day (Taken by Minato)
- A shard of spear given to him with this note off Diarmuid. (The note was destroyed in weather event)
- The trigger key to F.L.E.I.J.A (reward from monster event)
- His father's obituary. (Burned in the incinerator)
- Cat costume (reward from Quarantine)
- A sword taken from a monster (probably many, as they keep being replaced with film)
- The emperors sword (reward from December)


Akihiko Sanada: A boy who spoke to Suzaku whilst Suzaku was Jin. He told him that Jin took medicine to keep the voice quiet and that it was not safe. He was later at Mondo's meeting and agreed to the riot.

A'kin: A talking dog who argued against Mondo at the meeting about killing drones.

Aleph: Was at Mondo's meeting, told Mondo his idea was awful.

Allelujah Haptism: Man that Suzaku found collapsed on the stairs during the flu epidemic. He told Suzaku he shouldn't be ill because he had a heightened immune system, Suzaku worked out that the administrators must be up to something. They discussed their captors motives, the man didn't want to go to the clinic, nor did he have anyone he wanted Suzaku to inform. Suzaku helped him to his room and into bed.

Anguished One: He was in Riki's pod.

Archer (Fate/ Stay night): Came to Lelouch's awkward birthday party. Seems to be friends with Nunnally.

Asako Minegishi (AU): One of the group that defended the cafeteria stairs during the whale attack. Agreed with Mondo's riot idea in December.

Axel Almer: Argued against Mondo in his meeting.

Chaos: A boy who helped Suzaku out in December when Suzaku returned from his dead world. There was no heat and Suzaku was working, Chaos used his power to warm him up when he got out of the water. He offered to go back in in Suzaku's place but Suzaku told him it was his job. Chaos told him he liked to help people. They spoke a little about the administrators as Chaos had only been there a month. Suzaku told him Jason was probably in charge hence the cold and nutrient bars. Chaos said he would help out as much as he could and asked what Suzaku would do. Suzaku told him he would help people and that the younger ones were in most danger.

Chaos said that Dax seemed the best to be in charge, Suzaku agreed though Dax still worked with those who were less humane. Chaos was worried about Suzaku being in the cold water, and it was strange for someone who was not Nunnally to be worried about him.

He was at Mondo's meeting and argued against him, not wishing bloodshed.

Dax: One of the administrators, the one who seems to care most about those they have brought to the tower.

Edward Richtofen: They fought in the labyrinth on day two, ending in Suzaku running away. He was later at Mondo's meeting for his riot and suggested torturing the drones, getting quite enthusiastic about it.

Eikichi Mishina: He was in Riki's pod.

England (male): They spoke over the network, England was asking if anyone had experienced coming back from the dead. Suzaku told him he had, England told him he hoped he and his roomates stayed safe. He was killed in the pod event horribly - Suzaku found out much later through Jin's memories.

Enoch: He bumped into Suzaku when Suzaku was taking the dead bullfairy outside, he asked what the creature was. Suzaku told him about their captors and how Jason liked performing alterations to people and creatures. He told Enoch they couldn't die. He told him about the competition in the pods and Enoch said he would not pledge loyalty to a person like Jason. Suzaku told him he needed no loyalty, he was very powerful.

They spoke about the tower itself and how their captors seemed to control the powers of the world itself. They wondered if there were natives of the world and why they were being kept apart from them. They spoke about escape and Suzaku told him about flying powers not working on open air floors and his escape attempt with Link. Enoch said that immortality was not as great as people thought and Suzaku agreed. Enoch asked if he was immortal and Suzaku told him he couldn't die.

Later Enoch got attacked by hellhounds. They ran from them out onto one of the island floors where it was raining. They wondered if there was a way to get them off the dorm floors as there were a lot of people who could be hurt by them. They didn't have many ideas though, since it would be dangerous to lure them and Suzaku was the only one fast enough since most fighters were in the pod event.

They decided to make fliers to warn people, then Enoch was weak from hunger and Suzaku took him to the forest and found some food for him. He told him to eat more and then rest and Suzaku went off to warn people. He was in the pod break in team. He died there.

He was in the group protecting the lower stair case in the whale attack. After the attack they spoke during the feast. They spoke about the state of the tower and damage. They were both glad the attack had happened in a month where Dax was overseeing them, since he at least had their safty as a priority. Suzaku wondered at his true motives and Enoch said it was good he was there, as a buffer.

After Suzaku returned from his dead world in December they spoke again. Suzaku asked how long the heating had been off for. Enoch told him it was the first day and realised he had been in his dead world, he asked if that had happened a lot to Suzaku. Suzaku told him it was the second time though there had been times where his world was used as punishment.

Enoch asked about that and Suzaku remembered that Enoch had only arrived in June. Enoch asked if the dead world matched up with Ruana's explanation of a pressure and Suzaku said it did, that those who had died had not died peacefully.

Enoch was at Mondo's meeting and arguing against him, especially against the idea of torture.

Equius Zahhak (AU): He was in Riki's pod.

Euphemia li Britannia (AU): Euphemia... In the tower except not the Euphemia Suzaku knew. Differences were clear right away but Suzaku was so upset at seeing her in the tower he didn't realise. She told him they had been together just moments before on a flight to Britannia when he told her how long he had been in the tower. A flight that never happened to Suzaku... She then told him that they had abolished the numbers system and he worked out she was from a different world.

He told her so and offered to help her, she asked him to call him Euphie since it had been so long since the Suzaku she knew had been anything less than completely formal with her. He told her a little of his world; just that he and Lelouch were fighting Schneizel and then asked about hers. She told him that in her world he had been temporarily reassigned to Britannia and had rescued her not knowing who she was. He became her knight afterwards.

She asked what the Euphemia of his world had to say about him and Lelouch fighting Schneizel and Suzaku told her he had failed her and that she was dead, she asked how and he told her Zero had killed her, but not about the massacre.

She asked if Zero was Lelouch in his world too and it made him wonder if his own Euphie had known, if she had known who it was who Geassed and killed her. She said that he must have had reason because he had always supported her, and he told her it was Lelouch's biggest mistake and he bore the guilt still. That it had been an accident. She said that her presence must be difficult and Suzaku told her not to think that. She then requested he keep her status secret and he told her that status didn't matter but he would keep quiet. Though he warned her there were people who had his, Lelouch's and Nunnally's memories. She said she would request the same of them if they recognised her.

France (female): One of the people Suzaku was linked to in the leash event. She was bad tempered and he could feel through the leash bond that she made Tavros panic and she had a shouting match with Spain.

Gamzee Makara: Troll kid who hung around with Dolorosa in the labyrinth, he went crazy at Ridley and then once Dolorosa died he killed... almost everyone. Suzaku fought with him but his Geass forced him to run.

Gamzee Makara (AU): Not!troll kid that was in the forest when Suzaku was letting Moros go crazy. He thought Suzaku was going to kill himself and tried to talk him down. He told him that people would miss him and Suzaku told him they shouldn't and that he should go as he couldn't control Moros. Gamzee told him that it was fine if he had messed up, Suzaku told him to leave before he got hurt.

Gamzee refused to leave and so Suzaku summoned Moros who punched the boy. Gamzee thought it was 'wicked' and told him to summon it again, so Suzaku did. Gamzee asked if it was hurting Suzaku, Suzaku asked if he cared. Gamzee finally agreed to leave and asked if there was a friend of Suzaku's he could fetch. Suzaku told him to leave his friends out of it. Gamzee told him that killing himself because he cared was very messed up. Suzaku told him that people tended to agree he was an idiot and Gamzee told him to prove them wrong.

The next time they met Gamzee was a mime and Suzaku was the Cheshire cat. Suzaku was worried by his behaviour and lost his voice when Gamzee touched him. They fought; Gamzee's mimes turned into reality. Until Gamzee set off an explosion which triggered Suzaku's Geass and Gamzee escaped.

Ganondorf: Suzaku and co fought him on day seven of the labyrinth. He was difficult to fight, weapons didn't hurt him if they did not sparkle with the power to repel evil. They managed to get away very injured.

Genda Koujirou: A boy Suzaku found in the forest punching trees (and destroying them with giant drills...) Suzaku offered to spar with him.

Hei: Helped defend the staircase during the whale attack. Had knives with death wires.

Izanami: He met her in the cafeteria on her first day, she was eating oatmeal.

Jade Strider: A girl who was examining the tombs in the morgue and had got stuck in one. She was very strange and claimed to be investigating; checking for ghostly ectoplasm residue... She told him she thought she had been locked in on purpose and something about the union. The conversation got strange fast, she told him about workers unions and dental plans and civil rights. He told her civil rights were not considered important in his world and she told him about people on the internet who defended the name of social justice.

She pretty much described terrorists and Suzaku said so. She told him they didn't actually do anything, and were more like politicians. He told her politicians in his world were more interested in war. She asked him if he didn't indulge in political indoctrination on the way to the taco shop, which was practically a family tradition in her house; the taco shop not the indoctrination. He had never heard of then and she asked if the UK had a vendetta against soft shell food. He told her that the UK and Britannia were different places.

Jason: One of the administrators. Suzaku read through the information he gave in his question and answer, and asked to make sure that they truly had only rescued one person from each world. He believes that them taking part in his experiments is payment for their rescue. He experiments on people turning them into things, he killed England. A lot of what Suzaku knows of him comes from Jin's memories.

Jay the Unseen: His roommate

Jin Shirato: Minato (AU)'s friend, when he first met Suzaku he recognised him as the person who had betrayed Minato during hide and seek. He had a go at Suzaku who apologised, but it wasn't accepted which Suzaku had expected. What he didn't expect was for Jin to summon a giant mechanical creature and try to set him on fire, but that happened. Suzaku's Geass saved him but he had made a pretty determined enemy.

They later met on day six of the labyrinth, Jin was injured and Suzaku tried to help. Jin shouted at him, telling him they would just kill each other. Suzaku told him they had to fight the administrators games. They argued and arguing turned into fighting. Suzaku fought Moros again. However in this fight Suzaku realised that Jin could feel the pain of Moros, and Jin explained to him what a persona actually was.

He stopped fighting after that, letting Moros hit him and trying to hold onto his humanity, not wanting to give in to the admins games. Then Moros shot arrows at him and the Geass made Suzaku run away.

In the pod event Jin spoke to Suzaku at the end of week one, it was their one conversation that didn't end up as a shouting match, and that was just because Jin had had his feelings tampered with. They spoke about how it was important Dax's group won and Suzaku promised to help make sure his group stayed above Jason but below Dax.

However Suzaku died before he could make good on his promise.

It was weeks between Suzaku saw him again and since he had spent some of those weeks in his dead world he didn't know what had happened in the final week of the pods. Jin was angry when Suzaku apologised for failing, he told him he had expected it. He was more angry that Suzaku was worried about him, and asked Suzaku why he cared. After a lot of back and forth Suzaku said that the fact Jin was not their captors was enough to care.

Jin told him he hated him and that he was as bad as his captors, Suzaku asked why and Jin told him about what had happened. Suzaku felt guilty as it was the pod break in that had caused the competition to end early. Suzaku told Jin it wasn't his fault as he was under mind control (Suzaku is a hypocrite take five hundred). Suzaku got annoyed at Jin's claims he didn't care about humanity. The Jin punched him. They fought.

Suzaku answered his questionaire on the network without realising it was him.

Then Suzaku ended up in Jin's body, he learned about Jin's poor health and the harbinger of doom in his head. Jin found him in the meeting to try and put things back right and taunted him; telling him Suzaku could finally have a taste of what they went through every day. Suzaku agreed that he deserved it even if Minato didn't. Jin told him to stay out of the way while they fixed it.

Throughout his time in Jin's body Suzaku gained all of Jin's memories until he couldn't seperate them from his own. He knows everything about Jin and everything about what happened to him both before and in the tower. He went crazy, stopped taking supressants and Jin came with Minato and Yu to take him to the change back by force. He tried to take the gun out of Suzaku's hand and then punched him in the face.

After the swap back Jin found him in the graveyard. He told Suzaku that he was amazed with his life decisions, Suzaku said that Jin's hadn't been that much better. Jin said he would rather live on the streets than be used by people who didn't care about him. He asked if Suzaku could even see that Britannia were just using him. Suzaku told him that he'd rather be used in the hope he could do some good than murder for money. Suzaku told him it didn't even matter if the worlds were gone.

Jin asked why he still was miserable then, Suzaku apologised for hurting him and messing stuff up. Jin told him that there wasn't much to apolgise for for stupidity. Suzaku told him he wasn't stupid, Jin told him that he should do something to help for once and Suzaku countered with the face the switch back was the first thing Jin had ever done to help in the tower. Jin scoffed at the idea that Suzaku had had anything to do with him being productive and told him that winning the war was about more than heavy hitting.

Suzaku confronted him about pretending not to care about the consequences when he knew he did. They spoke about plans that had no success rates, Suzaku told him Zero Requiem could have succeeded and had done so in Lelouch's world. Jin said that he wouldn't call Zero Requiem a success. Jin told him it would be temporary because the same people lived there. He said humanity couldn't achieve peace until they were all dead. Suzaku asked if killing everyone was his solution. Jin told him that he wouldn't actively do that but if the world ended in his lifetime he wouldn't care.

Suzaku told him that it probably had. Jin said he was disappointed he wasn't there to see it and Suzaku asked if he had ever been sent back. Jin said he hadn't but knew it was just dirt and broken buildings, Suzaku added broken people but knew that Jin had those memories from him. A few weeks later he came to help drag Suzaku out of the morgue.

Jun Kurosu: He was in Riki's pod.

Kanaya Maryam (AU): She was in Riki's pod. She was in the body of Karkat during the body swap and therefore sharing a room with Suzaku. Suzaku told her not to be scared and asked if she knew what was going on. Suzaku tried to calm her down and told her Signless had been his roommate.

Karkat Vantas (AU): Suzaku got fed to his lusus months before he ever met him. He was in Riki's pod. Signless' decendant, Kanaya was in his body during the body swap.

Kanji Tatsumi: He was new and angry and looking for his friends and mother. He told him to look on a computer and offered to help, Kanji told him he wasn't stupid, Suzaku explained that there were people from less technologically advanced worlds. He offered to help look for his mother, Kanji described her in great detail and Suzaku promised to keep looking.

Ken Hidaka: Suzaku's roommate.

Lambdadelta: Seemed on good terms with Richtofen in Mondo's meeting, also liked torture.

Lancer (Fate/Prototype) (AU): Was in the meeting with Mondo, he seemed to agree with Mondo.

Lelouch vi Britannia: It's Lelouch. Lelouch who Suzaku hadn't seen since he came here, who he had seen in his nightmare world; hating Suzaku for abandoning him. A prisoner of Schneizel.

But then he arrived in the tower, Suzaku had read in Anya's book that Zero requiem had succeeded even without him and Lelouch confirmed it, that Zero had killed him. Suzaku thought it was perhaps CC but Lelouch claimed that Suzaku had been there...

Suzaku didn't know how that was... he told Lelouch about the claim that the world had ended, Lelouch was shocked, he thought himself to be dead, he remembered dying and so he had no idea how he was in the tower.

Suzaku explained that the tower wasn't safe and about the experiments, explaining it was more of a torture facility, he explained some of the things that had happened and Lelouch claimed it was a fitting hell for him. Suzaku agreed; a fitting place for both of them but there were innocents here as well. Lelouch told him to stop being pessimistic.

Lelouch saw Suzaku's labyrinth punishment and later when they met told him that Zero Requiem was a success and that Suzaku was not a monster. Suzaku told him he had been a monster for a long time. Lelouch was angry and slapped Suzaku and told him to stop calling him "my Lord" as he wasn't the emperor anymore.

He then asked if Suzaku had Zero's clothes, Suzaku didn't. Suzaku asked what he was planning and Lelouch told him he would tell him when they time was right, Suzaku told him to be careful as there were many dangers, from within the prisoners as well as from their captors. Suzaku told him he would help, even if Lelouch didn't wish him to be his knight anymore.

He disappeared when Suzaku was in the pods, and didn't return until after the failed rescue. He did not return sane... He screamed at Suzaku for a while, asking why they had failed. How they had failed. Then he blamed Suzaku, Suzaku asked if he should be honoured Lelouch believed him to have the power to end everything. Lelouch screamed at him more, Suzaku apologised and Lelouch asked if he had been sorry when he sold him to his father. All in all it was an awful conversation including Lelouch trying and failing to Geass Suzaku. Then it was Suzaku's turn to go and witness his dead world for two weeks. When he returned Lelouch had Geassed Minato to kill all trouble makers.

Suzaku confronted Lelouch after seeing Minato. Lelouch told him that he had had to use someone else to kill as Suzaku was too busy moping to be of use. He ordered Suzaku to go and deal with Minato, and told him it was for his own good.

He turned up to the fellowship meeting dressed as Zero. Suzaku glared at him. But at the end of July Suzaku found Lelouch unconscious, he took him up to his own room and stood guard over him until he woke.

He woke up five days later to find a guard Suzaku sleeping at the end of the bed. Suzaku told him he had slept for five days. Lelouch told him he remembered a few things. Like attempts at conversation and snipits of memories. He had remembered Zero Requiem, he asked when Suzaku could remember up to, Suzaku told him that they were taking down FLEIJA. Suzaku asked him why he had Geassed Minato, Lelouch told him even his slow brain should be able to jump to that conclusion.

During the whale attack Lelouch refused to come down from the higher levels, and was Geassing monsters to protect him. He finally agreed to go back downstairs and accidently Geassed Yu through his persona to protect everyone.

Then at the beginning of September where fog made everything strange Suzaku came upon Lelouch arguing with Zero... They were arguing about Zero Requiem, Suzaku agreed with Lelouch that it had been the only way. Zero said he wished to erase Lelouch from the world and Suzaku said he wouldn't allow Zero to do that. The Zero set the Lancelot on Suzaku and he fought it whilst Lelouch went to face Zero.

During the body swap Lelouch was switched with Yu. Suzaku asked if Yu's personas ever shut up, Lelouch told him they sometimes did. He was getting his memories mixed up with Yu's, Suzaku asked if they had managed to find a cure yet.

Suzaku briefly saw him on the space floor and Lelouch told him to shave. He tried to make a joke which Suzaku didn't get. He told her Nunnally was worried about him, Suzaku asked him to tell her he was alright and Lelouch told him he should go to her. And asked if he still believed a life of isolation was one worth living. Suzaku told him it was his fate. Lelouch argued his fate was to hold the new Britannia in one piece. Suzaku pointed out they had failed and there was no Britannia anymore. Lelouch said that perhaps in other universes they had succeeded even for a few months before the world ended. Suzaku said that was still a failure. Lelouch said the point was they would find a way to end this destruction. He came to drag Suzaku out of the grave yard a few days later.

After Suzaku betrayed Nunnally during Halloween Lelouch was rightly furious, once the event was over he asked for Suzaku over the network, Suzaku went to his room. Suzaku apologised and Lelouch told him he had been sorry for F.L.E.I.J.A as well, Suzaku listed a short version of the other things he was sorry for. Lelouch told him he couldn't remember him feeling remorse over his constant betrayals and threatened him if he hurt her ever again.

Suzaku told him he couldn't promise that and Lelouch told him it was an order. Suzaku angrily asked what happened when it contradicted the other order he had given him, blaming Lelouch for throwing orders around that blew up in his face. Lelouch countered that he hadn't expected the order to make him do depraved things to survive, like harming those once precious to him. Suzaku told him Nunnally was still precious to him and he never meant to hurt her.

Lelouch then changed the subject and told Suzaku they were throwing a late Birthday party for Nunnally and Rolo, they then went to bake cake. It was the most awkward cake baking ever.

When Suzaku returned to the tower after spending the end of November in his dead world he was cleaning the pool when Lelouch threw a towel at him. They made 'small talk' including Lelouch asking why Suzaku spoke to Rolo and Suzaku asking if he wasn't allowed to. Suzaku asked how Lelouch was and Lelouch said as well as a dead emperor could be. Suzaku didn't appreciate the fail attempt at humour. Lelouch is really bad at jokes. He said that Suzaku was still the uptight boy he knew and Suzaku said he hadn't changed.

They threw him a birthday party and he spent the time knitting a scarf while Suzaku kept guard in case Mondo's riot turned up where they were.

Link (AU): He met her at a computer terminal that she had shot with an arrow... He put out the fire and taught her that technology was not going to hurt her. He wondered if Link was a common name among her people and defended against the idea that the other Link was an evil double. They also talked about the idea that other Link could be from a time that doesn't exist anymore. She was in his group for the Midnight Man game and one of those he walked round with. He saw her in May whilst she was practicing archery in the forest.

In August when Suzaku was sat on the stairs brooding Link tripped over him. He asked if Suzaku was well and said he could talk to him if he needed. He said he hoped that Suzaku was not being too harsh on himself and Suzaku said only as harsh as he deserved.

Meiling Hong: Was at Mondo's meeting, didn't speak but seemed to agree with him.

Minato Arisato (AU): Suzaku was halucinating a lot, Minato was paranoid a lot, evokers look like guns and they summon personas by shooting themselves in the head (Honestly who the hell thought that was a good plan?) Suzaku tried to stop Minato 'killing himself', he tried to convince Minato that he wouldn't hurt him.

Minato summoned his persona Suzaku fought it, Live on Geass kicked in though it didn't do much against freeze and insta death, Charles came along and stopped Suzaku from dying. They then tried to make Minato let them help him, Suzaku made things worse generally. Minato told him he was naive and childish and knew nothing about consequences. Later they were in Signless' group to go down into the lower levels of the tower, Minato apologised for his behavior and Suzkau for his own. They spoke just before the Midnight Man game and agreed they had to protect the innocent ones.

Just as they might have some semblance of a normal friendship Hitori Kakurenbo happened. During hour eleven after Aradia's death and Suzaku having been found once he spoke to Minato who told him where he was. Suzaku made his way to him and hid in a cupboard. In hour fourteen he was found again and his Geass forced him to betray Minato. Minato was stabbed by a lance and left to die. Suzaku spoke to him as he died and apologised. Minato told him it didn't matter for he wasn't a good person and yet Suzaku was and forgave him before hanging up.

They met on day seven of the labyrinth when Minato was losing control and they fought, Suzaku's group managed to get away from him though.

In the pods Minato was in Jason's group and had had brain surgery. He told him that he had spoken to Jin and was going to help, Minato apologised for Jin. Then asked Suzaku what had happened that night, why Suzaku had betrayed him. Suzaku told him about Geass; the first person in the tower he told about it.

He apologised for not being more careful and Minato told him that he forgave him, that it didn't matter. He told Suzaku not to beat himself up anymore. And to be careful, Suzaku told him to be also and promised to look after himself.

Oh look he broke that promise as well as he exploded less than ten minutes later.

When Suzaku was stuck in Jin's body Minato told Jin that Suzaku didn't deserve it, and gave him some supressents to make Moros shut up. He told Suzaku to take them and not to let Jin die as they didn't know what would happen.

Through Jin's memories Suzaku learned about Minato's life and everything that had happened to him, he also learned about what had happened in the pods after Suzaku had died; Minato betraying England, and also Minato's rampage afterwards when Suzaku was in his dead world.

When Suzaku let Moros take over and tried to kill himself (and Jin) to end their murderous lives Minato came to stop him with Yu and Jin. He told Suzaku he would never forgive him if he let Jin die. Thantos fought Moros and Mianto tried to talk Suzaku down. Minato told him not to do it, that he had no right to kill Jin, to hurt Minato, Ken and Chidori any more than they had already been hurt. Suzaku called him a hypocrite. But then he begged Suzaku not to let Jin die, Suzaku knew through Jin's memories how strong their friendship was. For a moment Suzaku was in charge and realised he couldn't let Jin die, because it would hurt him and Minato who had been hurt so much already. Suzaku had hurt Minato so much already, and he couldn't let this happen. He stopped Moros long enough for Yu to Geass him.

After the swap back he used Chidori to track him down in the morgue and asked him what he thought he was doing. Suzaku apologised for hurting Jin. Minato told him he deserved answers and asked if Suzaku really cared so little about his own life. Suzaku was glad that Minato was finally angry with him, at first he lied but then admitted that he didn't care but was sorry for trying to hurt Jin.

Minato told him he was more angry about his lack of caring about his life. That he had friends who cared for him, who would be sad to see him go and he shouldn't throw away his life. Suzaku told him he was different than them, what had happened to them had been forced upon them, it wasn't like Rolo who was brought up to be a killer. He had made the choice to be a monster. Also Lelouch didn't need him anymore. Minato told him he had made a political choice, it hadn't made him inhuman. He asked why he was giving up so easily and said he couldn't stand people who gave up. Suzaku told him he was past saving unlike Minato and Jin who he believes are redeemable and that if the worlds had ended then all the bad he had done was for nothing. A few weeks later he came to drag Suzaku from the graveyard.

Minato Arisato (OU): They spoke over the network, he wanted to know what happened when you die. Suzaku told him and then he asked about Hades, Hectate and the Aportioners, all Suzaku knew was that they where mythology. Minato ended up in Suzaku's nightmare world and after appearing in the imperial palace with a gun and a sword was arrested. Signless freed both he and Suzaku and then the three of them (and Lelouch) escaped in a Knightmare frame. When Anya disappeared Minato replied to Suzaku's network post and told him to be careful.

And then Valentines day happened. A Dark Chocolate found it's way into Suzaku's sandwich causing him to fall in love, obsessively and jealously so, of the first person he saw. Which happened to be Minato. Minato ate a Pecan chocolate and fell in love with a monster. Suzaku became jealous of the monster. Bad things happened.

During Hitori Kakurenbo Minato was killed. Suzaku; still in shock from betraying the other Minato spoke to him as he died. Minato told him to survive. They met the next day and Suzaku checked that he was alright. They spoke a little of the events of the day and night before.

In the labyrinth they met on day three, Suzaku helped Minato fight centaurs. He wasn't injured but he couldn't use his personas, they stuck together for a little while until they got lost from one another.

In June Suzaku helped him against a pack of hell hounds. Minato had found some bread in the tower. They ran out into the rain, Suzaku's shoulder was burned. Minato healed him partially to Suzaku's surprise. They went to the infirmary, and wondered what their captors were doing giving them food yet not restocking the kitchen.

The next time Suzaku saw him he was under Geass... Lelouch had Geassed him to get rid of all harmful people. Suzaku realised while speaking to him and then with the help of Ryoji killed him to reverse the Geass...

In the fellowship meeting Suzaku met Minato again. He spoke to him, and asked if he had any questions. Minato asked what had happened that day, Suzaku explained about Geass and also told him it had been Lelouch; though he asked Minato not to tell anyone else, as he didn't want to isolate Lelouch. He apologised on behalf of Lelouch, and for himself for killing him. He told Minato he would try and make it up and Minato told him that as long as he continued being his friend it would be fine.

Minato fell unconcious at the end of July and Suzaku took him up to his room so he would be safe. During the candy hunt Minato came back as a harp player, drawn to those in low spirits and playing to make them wish to end their lives. Suzaku; having betrayed Nunnally and now stealing candy when his Geass forced him to was incredibly low spirits. He told Minato he was a good singer. He asked if his current state hurt, and then apologised for the stupid question. Minato said it didn't. Minato asked him if he was alright and the crushing despair of the music meant Suzaku told the truth, that he wasn't and that he had betrayed Nunnally. Minato told him he should just be there for her, Suzaku told him Lelouch wouldn't let him.

Namine: A girl he met on floor 20 when he was deciding on whether to throw the pocket watch off the tower, she was deciding about the same thing. They spoke about whether the awards could be another experiment, about how those running the tower were cruel and the nature of those who had power everywhere. They also discussed how the experiments could be the tower trying to work towards absolute power. And how painful things were useful for learning and how it was so hard to fight against something you did not know or understand.

Nesir Aeser: Girl who was on good terms with Richtofen and agreed on torturing the drones in Mondo's meeting.

Nunnally vi Britannia: Nunnally, who should not be in a horror tower. Suzaku was shocked to see her, and more shocked to see her eyes open. He told her Lelouch was here and she asked if his position was recognised, Suzaku said no and that such things weren't cared about here. She asked if they would be executed for their crimes, Suzaku said no and that they couldn't die.

Nunnally said it was like archiving and then asked if they were sterile, Suzaku said he had no idea (why was Nunnally even asking, she's still eight in his head...) but no one had had children. Nunnally asked if no one had been in love and Suzaku said they had been; he explained about trolls and their versions of romance. She asked what kind of love he had for her and he told her the kind he would have towards a little sister.

She said that it was a answer her brother would aprove of, and then apologised for teasing him. She told him she had roommates who could help her, and Suzaku told her not to hesitate if she ever needed help. Then they swore it, with a pinky promise.

During the body swap she was in another body, one that could walk. She spoke to Suzaku and Yu (who was in Lelouch's body). She asked him not to tell Lelouch because she wanted to deal with it by herself, she asked if they were in a prison and Yu told her that it would be alright as long as she had people who cared. Nunally asked Suzaku if she still had him and Suzaku told her she did.

Then during the candy collecting event Suzaku's Geass kicked in and he betrayed her causing her death. He avoided her until after he came back from his dead world. She was happy to see him and him her, she was freezing but wanted to spend time with her, he suggested they got her warm and spent time together and they went to the workshop to make some gloves and a blanket coat thing out of his Cheshire Cat costume. She asked if he knew Euphemia was there and he told her he did and about other worlds. Nunnally said she could find it in her heart to love all the versions of all her friends that turned up here. She met Arthur and they also planned Lelouch's birthday. Suzaku have her his voucher for a free meal so they could get food for Lelouch's party.

She was at the party of course, as awkward as it was. Then a few days later she got sick, Suzaku tried to make her go back to bed as she was burning up, she teased him (which she shouldn't because she is still eight okay.) He told her everyone deserved to be looked after, proving once again that he was a hypocrite.

Oowada Mondo: Guy who tried to start a riot against the drones. Suzaku asked what would happen if his riot was taken as an uprising and everyone was punished. Mondo said the administrators were not stupid and that he would take the fall. Suzaku told him they were petty and could do things like stopping their food. Mondo said he'd take responsibility, Suzaku told him he better. He seemed uncomfortable about the talk of torture and Suzaku thought he brought it upon himself.

He sort of blames him for the illness.

Psiioniic: Not the one he knew, Suzaku saw him and spoke before thinking. Then apologised for confusing him.

Puru Two: She was watching bad anime in the media room, she said that humans were week and stupid.

Riki: One of the administrators, Suzaku was in his pod. Likes impossible geomatry and breaking the laws of physics.

Riku (OU): He was looking for a black leather coat with silver drawstrings and a long, thin stripe of black cloth., Suzaku offered to help him. Suzaku suggested alternating floors and went to look for them.

Suzaku later saw and offered to help him in June, but Riku was cloaked and Suzaku didn't know who he was. Riku declined his help. He was at Mondo's meeting and argued against him, telling him it was reckless.

Riku (AU): They met at the friendship affirmation party. He hadn't been in the tower long and wasn't great at parties. They complained about being bored; and how that should be the least of their worries. Suzaku met him later in the labyrinth when he was with Sora, he stayed with him until day four when Sora died. They fought a tiny bit; because Riku was angry over Sora's death and lost each other.

Suzaku saw him at the end of May at the storm watching party, he apologised for losing him. The storm was getting worse and Suzaku worried if anyone was stuck on the islands, him and Riku both went out to check. At the fellowship he spoke in support of Xion that going head on head against the admins was futile. Suzaku agreed. Since the pod attack had been their strongest chance and it had failed.

They met again at Christmas, Riku asked if Suzaku was not in the Christmas mood and Suzaku told him he didn't celebrate Christmas. Riku said it was hard to celebrate in the tower, Suzaku pointed out that someone had made a pretty good attempt at it. They wondered who had done it.

Rin Matou (AU): Came to Lelouch's very awkward birthday party.

Rolo Lamperouge: Rolo. He arrived in late August. Suzaku was surprised to see him and Rolo was surprised to see him too, more so to learn Suzaku had been there almost a year. Suzaku told him Lelouch was there and told him which room he was in. He explained about the potential of them being from different worlds and asked what the last thing Rolo remembered was. Rolo told him dying. Suzaku told him that a lot had happened since then, and filled him in a bit about what had happened.

He told him about Anya being here but disappearing and how people disappearing often happened. He told Rolo he had seen their dead world. Rolo asked what the tower was like and Suzaku told him, warning that his Geass wouldn't work on certain floors. He told him about the lack of workable physics. Rolo asked why Suzaku cared and Suzaku told him because he cared for Lelouch and knights should look out for those who protected those they were sworn to. He told Rolo that Lelouch was now the emperor and fighting Scneizel and that from where Lelouch was he had won.

He then warned him about Lelouch's current state of insanity. Rolo said he would kill anyone Lelouch needed dead from now on. Suzaku quietly despaired.

After the body swap Rolo found Suzaku where he was sulking on the morgue floor, he had been following him and watching him check on Lelouch and Nunnally. He asked how long Suzaku was planning to hide and Suzaku told him until he was forced to sleep. He asked if Suzaku wished for death that badly and that he had heard no one could die in the tower. Suzaku told him that was true and the best they could hope for was a days respite. Rolo asked if he wanted him to kill him and Suzaku tried to say yes.

But his eyes flashed red and Rolo learned about the Geass. He told him about when it happened. Rolo asked if he hated Lelouch for it, Suzaku told him that no; since by the time he had learned about Geass he had other things to hate him for. Rolo asked what he felt like now, Suzaku told him that he couldn't hate him as he was his knight. Rolo asked why he was avoiding him. Suzaku told him that he didn't need him, Rolo asked how he knew and Suzaku told him that Lelouch had told him so.

Rolo asked if he were that good at obeying orders and Suzaku reminded him about FLEIJA. Rolo asked if he had actually been himself when he had fired it and Suzaku admitted that he hadn't been. Rolo asked how often the Geass took over and what Suzaku had done under it's sway in the tower. Suzaku told him that he had let people die, abandoned them and betrayed them. Rolo asked if he still had his issue with betrayal. Suzaku said that he did and Rolo asked if he had betrayed Lelouch, Suzaku said no and Rolo told him it better stay that way. Then he told him to shave.

When Suzaku returned from his dead world Rolo saw him and told him how long he had been gone (A week, two hours and ten minutes), Suzaku asked if he had missed anything, Rolo said not much. He asked where he had been and Suzaku told him about the dead world. Rolo wondered how he had survived without the sun and wondered if time had been suspended. Suzaku asked if that were possible and Rolo admitted he no longer was sure of what was possible or impossible.

Suzaku said it made as much sense as other theories, and told Rolo about the idea the dead world was an illusion. He told him about the punishment world and the world he had been sent to by Ruana. Rolo asked about it, about how they had lost and what happened, how the world had been the opposite of everything they had fought to achieve.

Rolo asked what that was and Suzaku told him peace and equality. Rolo asked about Signless and Minato who had saved him from that world. Suzaku told him that Signless was gone but Minato was still there and how there were two Minato's from different worlds.

At Lelouch's birthday party Rolo gave him some furs and Lelouch manipulated him.

Rolo got sick from the flu as well and the coughing messed with his Geass, Suzaku helped him against monsters and Rolo asked him why. Suzaku told him he wasn't about to let him be injured. Rolo asked what he gained from it and Suzaku told him it was what friends did. Rolo was surprised that they were friends but said he would like to be. So they officially made friends. Suzaku told him he should be in bed since he was sick.

At the Christmas party he found Suzaku and asked if he was going to eat now there was actual food. Then they ate food silently.

Romeo: A kid who argued against Mondo at his meeting. Was defended by Enoch.

Rosa Ushiromiya: She was stockpiling nutrient bars in the cafeteria. Suzaku agreed it would be useful since if the food supply was stopped in Winter it would be disastrous. She said that even if it didn't there was nothing to stop another experiment happen and Suzaku told her that they were just part of life in the tower. She said she was panning to avoid people experimented on so she wasn't hurt nor hurt others, Suzaku wished her luck. She had only been in the tower since September, she asked if he could give her information, safe spots etc.

He told her that experiments tended to happen to people chosen and she could only hope she wasn't. Sometimes they happened in the tower sometimes in other parts of the tower. Her room was safe from monsters and asked if she could fight. She said only with a gun. He told her about Doc.

Ruana: A teenage girl at least in appearance. Seems to be the main leader of the tower, far too cheery about killing people.

Saber (Alter): Was against Mondo in his meeting.

Sakuma Jirou: He was in Riki's pod.

Sayaka Miki: Suzaku answered her questionsaire and spoke to her on the network without knowing who she was. He explained about the midnight man game, and also the collar link. He explained they could only see there own leashes between collars. He also told her about the colours of the collars of the people involved in the first set of experiments, and some of the monsters Signless had pointed out from his world.

Sephiroth: Was at Mondo's meeting, didn't say much either way. Seems to be different Sephiroth than his missing Night Watch partner of old.

Signless: A second Signless arriving after the first had gone. For a moment Suzaku believed his friend had returned. He was the first human this Signless had ever seen and explained a little bit about humans; about their blood colour, their societies and how humans were born and did not have lusi. They also spoke about life expectancy of humans and trolls. Suzaku told him there had been another Signless in the tower so he might have strangers coming to him for help.

Sora (AU): His roommate, they haven't spoke much since they are both unsociable. He saw him when he threw his keyblade away and worried about him. They later bonded and played video games together.

After Hitori Kakurenbo he found Sora in the media room playing video games, he knew he had died since he hadn't been there at the end. He asked if he wanted to talk about it. They ended up playing video games

After the labyrinth Sora was glad to see them back, he had been afraid he had been abandoned. When Signless disappeared Sora took it hard and Suzaku tried to help him. After the whale attack Suzaku found him and took him food and water. Sora had lost his friend Aqua. After trick or treating Sora lost his friend Kairi and was upset about it.

Sora (OU): They met on day two of the labyrinth, he was with Riku, Suzaku stayed with them until Sora was killed on day four. He feels responsible for him. After the labyrinth he saw him again and checked he was alright, he told him he was lucky for having as good a friend as Riku. Sora asked if Suzaku had friends in his world here and Suzaku told him about Lelouch, Sora was impressed that Suzaku was a knight, he didn't have knights in his world but had heard stories.

Taiki: Small child who could turn into a horse. Who let them into the elevator to explore the lower reaches of the tower.

Taro Watanabe: He was in Riki's pod. He was a furry creature who was ranting about the warped physics. He told Suzaku he could change into lots of things but the weird pod made him feel dizzy. He also said he was used to moving a lot, and Suzaku realised that the tower was the longest he had been in one place since he was ten.

Tatsuya Suou: He was in Riki's pod.

Terra: Was at Mondo's meeting, agreed with Riku and argued against Mondo.w

Wriggle Nightbug: She was in Riki's pod.

Xion: Girl who warned against attacking their captors in the fellowship meeting. Suzaku agreed with her.

Yu Narukami: A boy who sounds identical to Lelouch, Suzaku first met him in the whale attack, he was helping Suzaku get Lelouch downstairs and Lelouch accidently Geassed him through his persona to protect everyone. Later through Jin's memories Suzaku learned about him in the pod event and betraying England. During the body swap Yu was switched with Lelouch. He at least told Nunnally that he wasn't Lelouch, and him and Suzaku spoke to her; she was switched too. He told Suzaku that he had helped Lelouch face himself. He told her about the experiments and helped calm her down.

He came with Jin and Minato to try and stop Suzaku from letting Moros kill him, he told him he was only trying to help and then used Lelouch's memories against Suzaku, telling him that Euphie would have wanted him to live, and that Lelouch hadn't Geassed him to live just to see him die like this. In the end he Geassed Moros to not attack Suzaku or them.

He found Suzaku in the graveyard later and apologised for what he had said. Suzaku forgave him, Yu gave him leftover food from the party and Suzaku wondered why. He told him Nunnally had beaten Lelouch at Halo. Suzaku apologised to him as well and said he didn't deserve the food or friendship. Yu said not many did but people still reached out regardless. Yu told him he had killed Jin once with a stop sign, something Suzaku knew from Jin's memories, and knew Yu had been trying to stop him killing people. A few weeks later Yu came to drag Suzaku back to real living.

He was at Mondo's meeting and told Mondo his plan was stupid because of Jason.

Zo: A child who has powers, one of the administrators.

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