Jun. 17th, 2011

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TRIGGERS. Anything to do with failure, him not being able to protect others will trigger him. He is very angsty anything to do with nationality will also trigger bad reactions. Also death. That said this is all of this is part of what makes Suzaku fun to play. So just a warning mainly that if you don't want an angsty Suzaku to deal with, don't bring up these subjects!
MEDICAL INFO. Suzaku has been blessed or cursed with a Live On Geass which means he cannot die. Or rather when death seems likely the Geass takes over and does everything to stop him dying. He can't remember these times. In Animus; he is not completely indestructible (falling off the tower for example still kills him) but he is very very hard to kill.
MENTAL INFO. Suzaku has a martyr complex, he wishes to die to atone for his sins and yet he cannot. He will throw himself into danger, not care about keeping himself safe for this reason.
FOURTH-WALLING. Yep go for it, though a quick heads up ooc first would be great! Suzaku would just put it down as another weird thing that happens in these places.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Suzaku doesn't like physical contact much at all. If you are someone he completely trusts then it is not too bad. And if you are someone he doesn't want to upset he will let you hug him. Oocly give Suzaku all the hugs! Please!
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. From the canon point I've taken him from Suzaku is too angsty/desperately pushing forwards towards Zero Requiem where he will finally pay for his sins and live a life unknown. So romance is at the very bottom of his priorities and he probably wont even notice if characters take a romantic interest in him.
INJURE/KILL. Yep! He is difficult to kill because of the Live On Geass but you are very welcome to try! Talk it over with me first though!
ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers. Also if there's anything in the above that you'd rather I avoid whilst tagging with you!


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