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Just like for Romeo this is for my own reference and I will update it as he meets new people!

Dahlia Hawthorne

Someone Suzaku needs to meeet.

Edgar Roni Figaro

Another roomate, again he seems nice but Suzaku isn't really much the chatty type.

Edward Elric

Hasn't met him yet!

Elizabeθ Buckley

She has become his weapon, and she seems a nice enough person little does Suzaku know However he lost her to Zoro on day 4 and she was not pleased. Called him week and told him to go away. So he's blaming himself and avoiding her!


Suzaku met Enki while studying biology, they spend most their time misunderstanding each other and their worlds and generally thinking the other is strange. Suzaku thinks Enki's king is a jerk who mistreats Enki, Enki thinks Lelouch is an idiot. They regulary have "my king is better than your king" moments.

Suzaku took Enki peaches after the fight with Shoryu because he felt bad for upsetting him, he ended up with a pillow being thrown at him but they are fine again.

In round 4 Enki (compelled by shoryu) asked to be Suzaku's weapon and suzaki (begrugingly) agreed and swore never to use Enki in battle but to protect him. Which completely backfires on Day 5 when Lelouch is put in a coma by Gino and commans Suzaku to rescue Nunnally. Suzaku draws Enki's weapon and uses it, it shatters and Enki ends up in hospital. Cue total breakdown on Suzaku's part.

Fletcher Tringham

Fletcher was briefly Lelouch's weapon in round 4 before being lost to Sherlock so Suzaku met him then.


Yeah he had a argument with Lelouch about consitutional monarchies, Suzaku wasn't really paying attention, but he seemed alright, he's one to keep an eye on though.

Gino Weinberg

/Sigh. Well they were friends but then Gino got his memories back and remembered that Suzaku had betrayed Britannia and became Lelouch's knight. So now Gino doesn't listen to a word he says because "he's dead so doesn't get an opinion" and at the moment they are on the oposite sides of Nunnally's and Lelouch's sibling 'rivalry'. After Gino puts Lelouch in a coma, and Suzaku puts Enki in a coma their relationship deteriorates further.

Grenn Atair

They met, he almost made her cry. They have similar but differing ideas about the world and are both too solitary to actually have a conversation.

Hikaru Sulu

He knows him vagualy as Kallen's friend and he was in the round 0 dream.

Huashi Sun

They started off on the wrong feet when Kotarou was in a coma. But Suzaku respects Huashi, he has guessed that she is older than she seems and is glad of her protection of Kotarou. Again he keeps an eye on her and would help her if anything went wrong but leaves her to her own devices.

She became his weapon in round 4 but on day 3 he lost her to Gino. /sad face

Kanaya Maryam

Someone new! They should meet!

Kevin Smith

One of the tiny kids who hangs around Gino right? Yeah he seems nice enough if he wasn't so loyal to Gino

Koharu Izaki

One of Sora's many princesses, Suzaku has probably met her when Sora has been attatched to her at some point. Also she was Lelouch's weapon in round 4, and was there for the traumatic events that happened on day 5.

Lelouch vi Britannia

Childhood friends turened enemies turned emperor and knight in a last ditch attempt to save the world. Yeah they've met!

In game atm he's trying to stop Gino from murdering Lelouch, keeping up with Lelouch's insane plans and in round 4 is trying to find a way to protect Lelouch when they are both players.

This is further complicated by the fact that Suzaku has forgotten Lelouch is Zero and Lelouch has forgotten Suzaku ever was his enemy. As of day 6 of round 4 Suzaku is at his hospital bed refusing to leave until Lelouch wakes up.

Lloyd Asplund

/sigh. Yeah well. I don't think Lloyd is talking to Suzaku after Suzaku tried to drag him to the lake, Lloyd locked him in a cupboard, Suzaku made his nose bleed and carried him to the docks and dumped him in the mud before he was finally rescued by Gino who turned up with Lelouch in a similar condition and they had a hostage exchange. After Enki and Lelouch ended up in a coma Suzaku found himself, at 4am, having had a breakdown in the woods, knocking at the door of Lloyd's lab. Lloyd was a troll, as usual.

Locke Cole

He hasn't met Locke yet!

Lyra Silvertongue

Nope they haven't met yet, they really should!

Mai Tokiha

They haven't met yet.

Mei Chang

THEY HAD THE BEST BATTLE EVER! It involved a flying Mei, a spinkicking Suzaku and a lake.
Before that he trained her in sword, and they get on well. He killed her in Round 0 after she killed Lelouch and its probably the most twisted part of his nightmare.

Mizuno You

Again they need to meet.

Nunnally vi Britannia

Yep obviously he knows Nunnally, though he is a little wary because it is obvious she knows a lot more than him. He will protect her though (if she likes it or not).


Haven't met yet


Who? Oh that small mini Sora who sometimes turns up to watch Sora train. Yeah its strange, its like theres a fuzzy screan between them, he couldn't even tell you what he looks like, he doesn't really care.

Roronoa Zoro

Challanged him to a fight on day 4 because he wanted something to take his mind off loosing Huashi (and the posibility of getting another weapon) and he heard Zoro was pretty terrifying and had beaten Gino.

He's lost though, but it was an epic fight!

Russel Tringham

They haven't met, they'd probably get on well though!


Haven't met yet

Scott Pilgrim

They are roomates, Scott is nice enough.

Sherlock Holmes

He admires his playing of the violin, they are both too quiet to actually hold a conversation so they had an awkward direction asking meeting and then went their seperate ways.

In round 4 they met and discovering that Sherlock had no weapons to fight with and was close to losing tokens because of not battling Suzaku agreed to lend him a weapon and have a battle. He lost this battle but Sherlock handed his weapons back.

Shiro Tougyu

He knows Tougyu only though Sora and thinks he's a bit weird, but who is he to judge. They've never actually had a conversation.


Well they started on the wrong foot when Enki told Suzaku about his jerk king who 'forced him to fight', meeting Shoryu Suzaku liked him at first thinking he was Enki's friend and not his king, this turned to distrust but he learnt to respect his fighting and his protection of Enki.

However this all changed in round 3 when he discovered that Shoryu was forcing Enki to fight, he spinkicked Shoryu (in a kitchen, with fruit salad) and even though he was then showed the error of his ways and apologised (sullenly) they haven't talked again since.

Ok so in round 4 they talked. Meaning Suzaku marched up to Shoryu told him he was an idiot and then begrugingly vowed with Enki before trying to resist the urge to bow and call Shoryu "sir"

Takuto Tsunashi

Yep haven't met

Vriska Serket

Haven't met yet

Xing-ke Li

Hmmm yeah they still hate each other, they glare dagger whenever they are near each other and Suzaku generally avoids him

Yuka Osada

She's a terrorist, or something. She's confusing but she was nice, but still a potential threat. Maybe, or an ally.

Ok so definitly an ally, they spoke in round 4 and she agreed to become Lelouch's weapon to help beat Gino but was lost to Sherlock first.

Disapeared characters who Suzaku knew.

Anya Alstreim

Knew her from his world obviously, her and Gino chased him round for a bit (before Gino hated him and she disapeared)


Another canon mate, their only conversation in Utopia was confusing because she didn't know who Lelouch as and he didn't know that Lelouch was Zero, headaches all round.

Cécile Croomy

It was nice to have her around, someone to control Lloyd But she disapeared so fast

Euphemia li Britania

He cried when he found her here, he can't remember her face so could never recognise her. Luckily he was spared realising she was dead in round 0 or recognising her shadow who was running round being beserk. He cried also when she disapeared and picked up her memory and ability, but gave the memory to Lelouch.


They were roomates, there was trouble when Oichi threw Kotarou's pendant and put him in a coma.

Rolo Lamperouge

Lelouch's creapy not!brother. Yeah since Lelouch couldn't remember that Lelouch wasn't his brother Suzaku just went along with it and was left to deal with the maniachal laughter after he discovered the truth.

Tsuki Aoi

Yep they met and they fought a battle. She's like a female Lelouch!


He met her on his very first day, she was scared and he tried to reasure her and made the mistake of touching her. Cue being spinkicked in the face by Sora.


They met in a clearing when Kotarou tried to kick Suzaku out of "his forest" they became friends when a battle between Suzaku and Oichi went wrong and Kotarou ended up in a coma. Struck by guilt Suzaku did all he could for Kotarou and bought him some upgrades and a memory charm. He trained him in the sword and generally looks out for him, makes sure he's safe and fed, but leaves him to his own devices.

In round four Suzaku took Kotarou and Huashi as weapons because they asked him to. He lost them to Sherlock but Sherlock gave them back. When he disapeared Suzaku will be saddened and worried for his well being.

Sora Himoto

They met in the way only the best knights can, she spinkicked him in the face! But once he had forgiven her (which was after like a second because she had only been trying to protect her princess) He promised that he would help her beat the game and rescue everyone. They are knights together! Though Suzaku thinks Sora is naiive and childish and has slowly come to realise that her world works a little differently than his.

He feels responsible for Sora and therefore does his best "good guy" act around her. Pretty much they are adorable and should walk round holding hands forever And then she left and Suzaku was without his knight friend, he worries about her and mourns her as he guesses he will never see her again.

Tomoko Oashi

One of Sora's princesses, Suzaku knows her but not well.

Utena Tenjou

Another Sora! Yep he promised to help her too, and is glad that she is not quite as naiive as Sora. She agreed to be Lelouch's weapon in round 4 and then she disapeared and Suzaku lost another friend.

Mikoto Minagi

They were on the same table in the consitutuional monarchy debate. She is cat like, Suzaku therefore likes her, she probably hates him.

Kallen Kozuki

Strangely enough, these two are friends! Mainly because Kallen has forogtten that she hates Suzaku, but they have promised to help each other out and try and escape the world and then she dissapeared. Suzaku is worried, because he doesn't know what happens to those who disapear, and he doesn't want anything to happen to Kallen.
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